App Store Optimization Case Study: Gemr

ASO increases visibility by 300% and increases downloads by 775%

Gemr is one of the fastest growing communities for collectors in the world. Whether you are a huge comic book fan, a classic videogame aficionado or baseball card collector, Gemr can connect you with other fans. Users can share their collections, trade items, meet new friends and get excited for the next con in their area. Recently raising $4.9M in Series A financing, including support from the founder of Antiques Roadshow, the company is getting ready to change the world for ubercollectors around the world.

Gummicube engaged with the team from Gemr early in the product lifecycle. Engaging early allows our team to spend extra time understanding the features of an app and its target market. We can then leverage our App Store Intelligence software, DATACUBE, to focus messaging on features with the most organic volume and build user acquisition funnels that have the best performance.

Having previously worked with Gummicube at his last successful startup, Gemr's VP of Marketing, Norm Archer, knew immediately that this was the first step to successfully marketing a mobile app.

"We wanted to take a very data driven approach to product development and marketing" commented Norm Archer, Gemr's VP of Marketing. "Working with Gummicube gives us access to incredible data and technology along with an incredibly experienced team to guide us in our marketing efforts."

Norm Archer -GEMR VP of Marketing

Norm Archer - Norm Archer VP of Marketing GEMR norm
-VP of Marketing

When it comes to marketing, Gemr had a goal to focus on App Store Optimization (ASO) and maximize traffic from organic search. Using Gummicube's DATACUBE software together with guidance from our experienced team, we successfully deployed an ASO strategy that resulted in a 300% increase in visibility and a 775% increase in downloads for Gemr in the first 30 days.

"...300% increase in visibility resulting in a 775% increase in downloads in the first 30 days..."

Brannen Huske -GEMR Director, Product Management

Brannen Huske - bhuske
-Director, Product Management

"One of the things that we learned in working with Gummiube is how different the mobile world is from the web world." said Brannen Huske, Gemr's Director of Product Development. "We knew search was important, but the way that people search for our app in mobile is different inside the App Stores vs. desktop web."

Key to Gummicube's success is its proprietary App Store Index - a mobile-from-the-ground-up view of user behavior and search behavior inside the app stores. Why is this important, you ask? Because most keyword tools for ASO or mobile market analytics solutions splice in web data to "stand in" for gaps in their own data. This approach is highly inaccurate as only about 12% of mobile trends cross over into the traditional web and even search queries can be structured differently.

Don't forget to check out Gemr on the iOS App Store or on Google Play if you have an android device. It's the best app for collectors!