App Store Optimization Case Study: Baller Legends

App store optimization strategy results in 150% increase in average daily installs

Baller Legends is an arcade-style basketball shooting game by Battery Acid games that lets you create a star rookie and earn your name in the history books with precise shooting and big time slam dunks.

Battery Acid Games and Gummicube began the optimization process for Baller Legends in November 2015, four months after it had launched. The initial optimization process was primarily focused on keyword and metadata optimization. The goal was to achieve increases in App Store visibility and installs by elevating the current keyword rankings and attaining new keyword rankings.

Gummicube contributed to these results by creating an optimized user acquisition funnel with organic data. Gummicube determined the relevant demographic, targeted features with the highest user demand, and maximized keyword visibility.

Gummicube used its app store intelligence platform DATACUBE to determine which keywords were already fruitful and rank for new terms with high potential for success.

DATACUBE enabled Battery Acid Games to optimize their keyword selection by improving their current keyword focus as well as introducing a broader range of target search terms. By targeting keywords relevant to Baller Legends’ gameplay and terms similar to their audience’s interests, Baller Legends’ experienced a 106% growth in keywords and phrases. The resulting increase in visibility translated to a similar elevation in average installs per day.

After implementing Gummicube’s ASO changes, Baller Legends saw an increase in average daily installs of 150%- jumping from an average of approximately 400 downloads per day to over 800 per day.

In addition to increasing visibility and installs, Battery Acid Games and Gummicube collaborated throughout the process in order to ensure that each keyword was in step with Baller Legends’ intended messaging.

The targeted keywords were then incorporated into the app description, aiding in the indexation of the app in the App Store. Authoring the description to highlight the app’s key features while using the targeted keywords is a natural way to build relevancy for numerous related terms in the Game category.

By accurately representing Baller Legends to their user base and successfully highlighting core features in the description, Baller Legends has consistently earned higher ratings. Since teaming with Gummicube, Baller Legends has received an average rating of 4.6 stars from users as opposed to 3.6 Pre-ASO.

Since working with Gummicube, Baller Legends has also been featured on the App Store and Google Play 43 times internationally.

With Gummicube’s proven strategies, Baller Legends was able to ascertain the right formula for sustainable, long-term growth.