The Beginner's Guide to App Localization - ASO Academy

August 17, 2022

The Beginner's Guide to App Localization - ASO Academy

The mobile app market is growing at an exponential rate. According to a study by Pew Research, nearly 85% of the world population uses a smartphone device – totaling about 6.6 billion global users. App developers must look to scale their operations to reach more users outside of their immediate home market – but how can they do so effectively?

If you’re looking for how you can localize app metadata and creatives, this ASO Academy is for you. App marketing ideas for a global audience aren’t just about good ideas – it takes strategy and tact to execute them. But first, let’s explore some of the benefits of launching your app internationally and how App Store Optimization (ASO) fits into the process.

App Marketing for International Users

For apps in growth and closer to maturity stages, internationalization may be an obvious next step of expansion. However, your most lucrative and valuable users may already be in another country from the start. In the context of the mobile game category, the most active users are concentrated in Southeast Asia where 1 in 3 smartphone users play mobile games daily.

ASO marketing focuses on optimizing reach, installs and activation. Built-in processes in ASO allow developers to leverage their brand identity with their core message for different audiences. Localization is key to capturing an effective mobile user acquisition strategy for campaigns abroad by harnessing those key points.

What to Remember when you Localize App Metadata and Creatives for the Global stage

Localization vs. Translation – What’s the difference?

It’s not enough to have your app listing be completely translated over to a new, local language. Adaptation to a new territory requires mobile marketers to go above and beyond the most evident changes that need to be made.

Cultural associations, language nuances, and search behaviors often hold mobile markets back from gaining traction in foreign territories simply because of assumptions of similarity. Even countries that share languages, for example, The United States and Australia have different search patterns and cultural influences that may impact a keyword or creative strategy.

It’s crucial to localize app listings for optimal conversion and visibility on the app stores. This isn’t just a simple translation but involves a deeper understanding of what leaves an impact on your users abroad. This includes translating over idioms, symbols, intent, and more. ASO technology can help you determine what search patterns and queries look like abroad.

Capturing User Intent and Language

With literal translations, marketers often miss the boat on capturing user internet and key value propositions, but it’s often the way internationalization is done. From a relevance standpoint, understanding what features to highlight in different territories is fundamental.

What may speak to your audience in the US may not speak to your audience in Germany. For example, if you were the developer of a US-based cashback rewards app and want to expand into Germany, the green color scheme you have incorporated in your screenshot set may not convey the subconscious association it has with money in Germany where the currency is multicolored.

App Store Screenshot Design for Localization

The purpose of screenshots and all your creatives is to convert your users. The same principles and best practices apply to international screenshot optimization.

On the international, you compete with a wider audience. Local app developers probably understand how to reach their markets with a familiar language. To compete effectively, highlight the most relevant features to that target market, ensure your design elements carry over your intended message and incorporate an app screenshot template that fits your brand.


Our ASO company had found that app developers and mobile marketers who internationalize their apps see tremendous success if they have an ASO strategy to help them grow. To reach more users, mobile app and game localization of metadata and creative assets are integral to see continued growth abroad.

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