4 Tips For Optimizing Your Finance App

July 6, 2022

4 Tips For Optimizing Your Finance App

Millions of Americans around the United States use finance apps to take control of their personal finances. Top competitors in the space often tackle more than just budgeting and savings goals but instead, offer a more tailored approach to gaining financial wellness. This hyper-personalized approach makes finance apps one of the most popular categories on the app stores.

If you have a finance app you’re looking to market effectively, App Store Optimization serves as your foundation for success. What can you do to better market your finance app? It all comes down to selecting the right metadata strategy, creative optimization and continuous improvement.

4 Tips For Optimizing Your Finance App

Tip #1: Ensure you have the legal documentation and disclaimers in the right place

Not only does this step help establish rapport and transparency with your users, but it also helps you protect yourself from getting your app taken down by the app stores.

Depending on the features, finance apps are required to disclose information that is pertinent to the nature of the features and what they provide. Bank affiliations and financial liability disclosures are just some of the general few statements finance apps might have to disclose. It’s crucial to understand what claims you make and what information needs to be stated to not only inform your users but avoid unnecessary regulatory or legal hurdles in the app stores.

Tip #2: Share a strong brand voice and differentiate yourself

Finance and organizational apps are one of the largest categories on the app store. For every budgeting app on the market, there are about a thousand or more competing apps. So the question remains: how can you stand out among the competitors?

Our ASO company has found that some of the most popular finance apps all have a defined target audience they stick to through and through. Whether it be young adults, kids, or specific generations, these marketing messages resonate because they’re tailored to a specific need set.

The finance goals of a Baby Boomer and a Millenial, for example, are very different and thus require different CTA’s, features and accolades to be highlighted. For example, a Gen Z’er might be more focused on saving for a summer trip, a Millenial might be looking into retirement funds. Understanding what financial goals your users have and how to highlight them is paramount. Find your audience and convey a message that resonates with them.

Tip #3: Have your brand touch every aspect of your app listing

From metadata to creatives, your brand is one of the most important features of your app. It not only acts as a point of differentiation in a highly saturated market, but finance apps have to rely on user trust and reliability for success. Personal finance is a sensitive category as it deals with personal assets and liabilities. Maintaining a tone of voice that's friendly and trustworthy is always important.

Screenshots, app titles and descriptions are all great places to inject branded messages that convey these sentiments. By using ASO technology like Splitcube, you can test different CTA’s and tones of voice for their conversion potential without having to deploy them on the app stores.

Tip #4: Iterate for internal and external seasonal changes

Finance apps perform best when they adapt to changing conditions. Consider the current economic situation: many users may be finding themselves looking for better ways to manage their savings or looking for ways to budget smarter. Framing your app store listing to highlight these possible features of your finance app is essential.

But that’s only the first step. Keeping your finger on the pulse of developing events is a continuous process that will help you refine your app marketing strategy over time. Consider making a list of events you will respond to, and what features you’ll highlight given internal and external changes. What your audience searches for today may not be the same tomorrow.

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