ASO Seasonality: Optimize for Halloween

September 26th, 2019

ASO Seasonality: Optimize for Halloween

As Fall begins, app developers should start thinking about seasonal updates for their app. Many may want to change their app's graphics or introduce special events, but seasonal updates go beyond what’s in the app. It also means updating App Store and Google Play Store pages for seasonal App Store Optimization. In this case, while Halloween is slightly over a month away, it’s time to start planning ASO accordingly.

Halloween Updates

There’s a wide range of apps that can be updated for Halloween seasonality. These updates can vary from cosmetic changes to entire events to seasonal features.

For instance, mobile games often feature Halloween events with limited-time characters, gear or costumes. These can be called out in the App Store’s promotional text (iOS) or short description (Google Play), as well as in updated creative sets that showcase the limited time offerings. They can even include videos showing what users can experience or obtain from the event.

The mobile game "Fate/Grand Order" runs a Halloween-themed event, featuring limited time characters and pumpkin-themed enemies.

Shopping apps will want to focus on Halloween sales and gear. This can include Halloween costumes, candy, party supplies, scary movies and so forth. Updating the screenshots to show these options can help improve conversions and attract users that are looking to buy seasonal items.

Selfie and photo editor apps can update with photo filters and effects for Fall or Halloween. This can include filters like Jack-O-Lanterns and witch hats, falling foliage, ominous effects and so forth. The changes can be called out in the description and showcased in the screenshots.

YouCam Makeup updated its screenshots last Halloween to show off spooky looks

Even personal and family safety apps can benefit from Halloween updates. For instance, family maps can update with use cases for keeping children safe while trick-or-treating.

Seasonal ASO

Targeting Halloween-focused keywords can help an app index for those terms and appear in searches for them. Users looking for Halloween costumes, for instance, will be more likely to find a shopping app with costumes for sale if it targets related terms in its keywords.

The updated creatives, including icon, screenshots and videos, can help improve conversions once users find the apps in search. Including information about the Halloween update in the description can also benefit the app, as curious users can check the promotional text, short description or long description and see what Halloween-focused updates are available.

Additionally, apps updated with a Halloween focus can appear in curated lists or featured on the stores. The App Store and Play Store will typically provide lists and articles focused on popular themes, so updating for Halloween can help an app increase its chances of being included. This can provide a big increase in visibility for an app.

The App Store's list of child-friendly Halloween games

Why Now?

It’s not quite October yet, but as September comes to a close, developers should begin updating their apps and ASO if they want to focus on Halloween seasonality. This will allow them enough time to begin indexing for the Halloween keywords they want as interest in those terms begins to grow.

After an app declares its keywords, it takes time to index for them. App developers shouldn’t wait until the last minute to try focusing on Halloween terms. In order to get ahead of the competition, the best time to start is now.

Once Halloween is over, it’s time to begin focusing on the next event. For some apps that will mean Thanksgiving or Black Friday, for others it may mean the holiday season. Whatever the season or cause for celebration, it’s important to update your app and its App Store Optimization to capitalize on the seasonality.

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