Getting Featured on the App Store

November 22nd, 2021

Getting Featured on the App Store

Getting Featured on the App Store

Apple’s newest operating system iOS 15 brought with it more than just the useful tools for developers. Users have new features like SharePlay, Screen sharing in FaceTime, Focus Mode, and more that they are enjoying right now. Apple is running a feature on the Today Tab highlighting apps that can take advantage of these new features, with big names like TikTok, Canva, Pinterest, and Flipboard gracing these charts.

You may look at these feature lists and see the perfect opportunity to get your app in front of interested users perusing the editorial sections of the App Store - if only it was chosen! While Apple will frequently reach out to developers for featuring, they also provide an avenue for you to submit your app for a chance to be featured. While it isn’t a guarantee that your app will be chosen, it does increase your chances greatly. Read on to learn more about how ASO can give you a competitive edge.

App Store Featuring

Apple’s editorial team frequently showcases apps and games that they feel are exemplary in form or features, or that contribute to positive change in the world. Apple offers developers a guide to the selection process as well as instructions on how to share your app’s story in a way that could increase your chances of being featured.

There are a few factors that go into the decision to feature an app that the Apple team has laid out for interested developers. Many of these points cover the quality of an app, the app’s listing, and how innovative or unique the app is.

From the Apple Developer site:

  • UI design. Great usability, appeal, and overall quality — such as beautiful visuals or intuitive gestures and controls.
  • User experience. Cohesive, efficient, and valuable functionality that’s helpful and easy to use.
  • Innovation. Solves a unique problem for users or takes advantage of new technologies to provide an optimal user experience.
  • Uniqueness. Stands out from the crowd, defines a new genre, or takes a fresh approach to a familiar category.
  • Accessibility. Well-integrated features that provide a great experience for a broad range of users.
  • Localization. High-quality and relevant localizations, including culturally appropriate content and support for multiple languages.
  • App Store product page. Compelling screenshots, app previews, and descriptions, as well as ratings and reviews.

The first step in getting your app featured is to make sure any bugs or performance issues are completely fixed. If there are numerous negative reviews then there are avenues to help improve reviews with reputation management services. Once the foundation of your app is solid you should give it a once over to assure that it is accessible to a large range of users, and that any localizations are well done and not just direct translations of your app’s native language.

Apple's contact form

If you feel your app is ready for review it is time to contact Apple to tell them more about your app and yourself. Apple provides a lengthy form where you can describe your app and business, alongside basic details like platforms, regions, and languages supported.

Apple's contact form

Apple’s feature stories tend to dive more in-depth to take a look at the unique story behind you and your app. This is a great opportunity to share what motivated you to create your app or game and how you feel it positively impacts the world.

Promotional Artwork

After you have filled out all of the necessary information and submitted your form it is time to wait and see if Apple selects your app for featuring. While you wait, preparing your creative assets for potential featuring can be a great next step so you can be fully prepared if Apple emails you to confirm your selection.

When it comes to promotional assets the requirements can vary depending on which feature Apple has selected your app for. All assets must adhere to Apple’s guidelines when it comes to sensitive content.

Apple's example feature artwork

When selected for an “-Of The Day” feature you will need to provide a high resolution, layered image file that is 3524 x 2160 pixels. This image may not include any logos and should be representative of your app.

Apple's example feature artwork

Being the subject of a Feature Story typically goes more in depth about the creators behind a great app or game. Apple requests one unique image (that hasn’t been used in any marketing materials) that is high resolution, layered, and 3524 x 2160 pixels.

Additionally, Apple may request supporting imagery which can vary greatly between different features. As a rule of thumb all images need to be high resolution and large (maximum 4000 x 4000 pixels.) Supporting imagery can range from photographs to in-app screenshots, so pay close attention to the specific requirements that Apple provides in the email.


Today Apple is featuring apps that take advantage of the new features offered by iOS 15. While getting featured is ultimately up to Apple’s team, you can increase your chances by submitting your app and your personal story to them on the Apple Developer website. Employing the help of a trusted ASO agency can help you be sure that your app is ready for any feature. In the event that your app is chosen for featuring, the boost in visibility can have lasting effects on your app’s store presence.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube, and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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