We strive for creativity and innovation. Our team consists of mobile veterans, all of whom are open-minded and fun individuals who work hard and play hard.

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Full Stack Software Engineer

We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join our growing Portland, Oregon, development team. Gummicube works with top app developers around the world, and as a Full Stack Engineer you will have the opportunity to impact the success of some of the biggest brands in the Google Play and Apple App Store. This is a full-time remote position with benefits where the successful candidate will have the opportunity to make a huge impact on our business and can become a key player on our team.


  • Take a role in building the industry standard for app store optimization and mobile market intelligence
  • Help world-class publishers, as well as small indie studios, improve their app visibility in the vast mobile ecosystem
  • Improve the usability of our core platform based on client feedback and market research
  • Enhance our analytics platform which handles millions of data points each day


  • Able to deliver, modify, and maintain modern full stack JavaScript Node.js applications with React and GraphQL
  • Familiar integrating with AWS infrastructure (DynamoDB, RDS, S3) or similar
  • Experience with test-driven development practices and CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience with Git for version control, issue/feature branching, merge requests
  • Able to flex to other technical task and projects as needed including DevOps, data management, InfoSec, legacy systems, and/or device hacking

Optional skills

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • TypeScript
  • IAC with Pulumi
  • Github
  • Data API/web scraping
  • Big data processing and indexing with Spark and Scala
  • Mobile device hacking, API discovery and reverse engineering with frida and MITM packet inspection
  • InfoSec, network vulnerability scanning and monitoring, pen testing and analysis
  • Meteor
  • MongoDB
  • Python

What we look for

  • Foundation in computer science and web application architecture
  • Understanding the importance of delivering value to our clients, not just completing tasks to specs
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Always interested in learning new technologies and paradigms
  • Self-motivated and able to work fully remote
  • Flexible and able to jump between several different projects in all stages of development cycle from prototypes to live production

If you love and want to get to know the mobile industry and want to be a pioneer in mobile marketing, then please contact us, we'd love to talk with you.

To apply

This is a full-time position with benefits. All interested candidates should send us a resume and provide a strong cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for this position.

About Gummicube (

App Store Search has changed the landscape of app marketing the same way that Web Search disrupted content discovery on the web. App Store Search is the new marketing standard for mobile apps.

As the #1 app store optimization company in the world, Gummicube develops powerful app discovery technology, enabling anybody with an app to quickly optimize for the most organic search visibility. Gummicube's DATACUBE software leverages proprietary ‘big data for mobile’ to understand search trends and the competitive landscape inside of the app stores. By using DATACUBE, mobile search data and user behavior is no longer a black box -- resulting in greater visibility, more high-quality organic downloads and a lower overall cost of user acquisition.

Company culture

We believe that successful startups have teams that support each other working toward a common goal. Gummicube strives to have a culture that focuses on maximizing innovation and minimizing internal roadblocks. We believe that work should be fun, challenging and exciting -- with each member of the team invested in doing something that they truly love.

The founding team has a solid mix of engineering, product and marketing/sales experience, allowing Gummicube to deploy its product and generate revenue from day one. Some other companies that we have had founding roles at include Chasma Publishing (acq. by Oberon Media in 2005), PlayPhone, Inc. (acq. by Gung-Ho in 2014) and Jamba! GmbH (acq. by VeriSign in 2005).

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