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Accurate Mobile Data Is Key for App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) boosts keyword rankings and improves conversion for your app in the App Store and Google Play. Implementing ASO correctly can increase your organic downloads and dramatically reduce user acquisition costs.

Gummicube’s industry-leading ASO technologies can help you understand how the Apple App Store and Google Play Store operate better than any other mobile company. Our solutions drive growth with powerful insights, so you can focus on what matters.

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Organic Downloads

More than 80% of mobile app downloads start inside the store


It's Not Web Search

App Store & Google Play algorithms aren’t like web search


Overall Impact

Accurately measure ASO impacts across your entire marketing funnel

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Complete ASO Solution

Complete ASO solutions from technology to execution, measurement, and more.
Gummicube's expert ASO team, paired with our proprietary DATACUBE and Splitcube technology, will drive your app growth.

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Search Optimization

Optimize your metadata to increase organic impressions and drive more organic downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Let us optimize your app store presence.

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Conversion Optimization

Optimize your creatives for better conversion. Drive more organic downloads, better rankings and lower user acquisition costs for every channel. Let us help you boost conversion and revenue.

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A/B Multivariate Testing

Drive ROI with A/B Experimentation, Multivariate, Split and Funnel Testing. Let us help you stay on top of trends and deliver what users want.

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Focus Groups & Surveys

Use App Focus Groups to test icons, screenshots, titles and descriptions for optimal conversion. Find out what users are saying about your app.

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Paid Search

Apple Search Ads and Google Ads can help an app index faster for keywords and perform better when managed side by side with ASO. Let us help you align your organic and paid search traffic.

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ASO Technology

ASO Technology from Gummicube is best-in-class. DATACUBE and Splitcube can help you improve app growth and discoverability.

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