App Focus Groups are a solution to testing your icon, screenshots, title and description for optimum conversion.

Ensure that quantitative data is leading to the correct conclusions by pairing focus groups and surveys with A/B testing. Leverage traffic from any social channel and audience segment to understand what users are thinking when they see your store listing. Understand the “Why”. Why did users choose to click, or why did they choose to move on?


Apple Search Ads & Google Ads (App Installs)

Apple Search Ads and Google Ads are critical channels for mobile marketing. Gummicube has a dedicated paid search team specialized in managing and optimizing Apple Search Ads and Google Ads campaigns. Our team is specially trained to understand how organic and paid search strategies can align, and has years of experience dating back to the introduction of these channels.

More Than Just Paid Media

When the management of Apple Search Ads and/or Google Ads is coordinated with App Store Optimization, it is possible to significantly improve volume and ROI from these channels. This means that these channels are unique, and technical knowledge of the App Store and Google Play algorithms make a huge difference in producing results. Gummicube is a better choice to manage paid search than traditional ad agencies, because of our technical knowledge and ability to manage ASO side-by-side.

Using our DATACUBE technology, we are able to gain an advantage for our clients against competitors. We gain advanced understandings of keyword relevance and can easily spot keywords where you will receive the most volume at the least cost.

Apple has stated in their own words that “relevance drives results in Apple Search Ads campaigns”. Optimization of keywords and metadata together with conversion optimization are what drive relevance. Work with Gummicube to achieve maximum share of voice at the lowest cost.

Working with Our Paid Search Team

Gummicube’s paid search team is specially trained in executing Apple Search Ads and Google Ads campaigns. They work hand-in-hand with our App Store Optimization experts to create an aligned campaign that fully takes advantage of our ASO experience. We also have direct relationships with Apple and Google, who we work hand in hand with to obtain key data and campaign insights.

Gummicube’s team takes full advantage of the Apple Search Ads platform by:

  • A/B testing within Search Ads to optimize Tap-Through-Rate (TTR)
  • Using exclusive relevance data through DATACUBE technology
  • Fully scaling campaigns to tens of thousands of keywords
  • Supporting all major attribution tools for ROAS management

Need help managing App Store Optimization (ASO) and executing an effective holistic search strategy in the App Store and Google Play? Gummicube can help.

Beyond Apple Search Ads and Google Ads (App Installs)

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond Apple Search Ads and Google Ads (App Installs). Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including:

Working with Gummicube will make your entire marketing program more efficient, and provide more than a decade of ASO know-how for your team.