App Focus Groups are a solution to testing your icon, screenshots, title and description for optimum conversion.

Ensure that quantitative data is leading to the correct conclusions by pairing focus groups and surveys with A/B testing. Leverage traffic from any social channel and audience segment to understand what users are thinking when they see your store listing. Understand the “Why”. Why did users choose to click, or why did they choose to move on?


A/B Testing Your Current App - Do More, Convert More!

Your icon, screenshots, video, title and overall metadata are key factors that impact your downloads. Users only give each app a brief window of time, approximately six seconds, before moving on to another app. A/B testing different experiences can help convert more users browsing through the App Store and Google Play.

In addition to improving creatives, it is key to understand which marketing channels are most effective for your app. A/B testing creatives within paid channels to understand which variants provide higher conversion and more engaged users will help reduce CPI and improve ROI.

Pre-Optimize Your Apps

Launch scaled A/B testing and focus groups for new apps before they even launch. Determine key value drivers for your audiences before ramping ad spend.

A/B Testing Technology That Makes it Easy

Gummicube's mobile A/B testing technology, Splitcube, enables mobile marketers to A/B test different experiences within App Store and Google Play store listings. Users from paid channels are randomly grouped into different segments, and each is shown a different experience. As traffic passes through the test pages, Splitcube will gather enough data to tell, with statistical confidence, which variants of the store listing leads to higher conversion.

Why A/B Test?

A/B testing allows you to experiment with different variants of your store listing in the App Store and Google Play. This enables data-driven decision making and limits costly mistakes that come from "gut decisions." Splitcube allows you to determine with statistical confidence how different creative assets in your store listing can increase conversion rates for your app. With Splitcube, it is possible to measure exactly how impactful new creative and messaging will be before making changes to the live experience in the App Store and Google Play.

It is important to always be testing the creative assets and metadata on your store listing. Statistically, developers that test frequently have conversion rates 50% greater than their competitors. This is the reason top companies including Kabam, Sephora and Microsoft constantly run A/B tests and update the assets on their store listings. A/B testing is indispensable for conversion rate optimization and overall App Store Optimization.

Beyond Focus Groups

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond just keywords and metadata. Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including:

Working with Gummicube will make your entire marketing program more efficient, and provide more than a decade of ASO know-how for your team.