Conversion optimization involves improving your store listing assets. This includes screenshots, icons, feature graphics, preview videos and user-facing metadata.

A/B testing is a crucial part of conversion optimization. We utilize A/B testing to understand how different variants of your creative and metadata assets will perform using live traffic. An optimized store listing will improve your conversion rate everywhere your app is visible in the App Store and Google Play while lowering the cost of user acquisition

Conversion Optimization

Optimizing All Store Listing Assets

Gummicube optimizes conversion for all of your store assets, including screenshots, icons, preview videos, and feature graphics used throughout the App Store and Google Play. We leverage proprietary research to make wise choices and increase the probability of success, combined with a rigorous test process to identify what will help your app convert. Our team will work with you to create a testing schedule, implement test protocol, and establish measurement methodology to ensure an effective process.

The Right Tools for Every A/B Test

For A/B testing to be effective, it is important to use the right testing tools and methodologies. Are you looking to optimize organic traffic, or optimize your paid marketing campaigns? Depending on the source of traffic and your goals, it is important to use the correct approach for A/B testing.

What Does Gummicube Provide?

Gummicube runs A/B testing to learn how your assets perform in the store listing as well as within the search results in the App Store and Google Play. We leverage tools including Google Experiments (for store listing tests inside Google Play) and creative set testing within Apple Search Ads (for testing inside the search results on the App Store). Gummicube's proprietary Splitcube A/B testing platform can help optimize conversion from paid traffic sources.

This allows us to zero in on the best practice and testing strategy for whatever channel needs optimization, wherever the user will land before downloading.

Paid Traffic Does Not Represent Organic Behavior

conversion optimization

Conversion optimization starts with market research. Gummicube tracks and measures every change that your competitors (and other apps in your category) implement in the App Store and Play Store. We know what is converting best in advance. Our data-driven approach significantly increases success rates and produces faster results.

Our Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing Process

Working with Gummicube provides a no-compromise solution for optimizing conversion and running A/B testing in the App Store and Google Play. Each store has a totally different user experience that impacts user behavior and conversion metrics. We will assess conversion for each channel and landing page experience individually, and execute in the best testing environment to produce reliable results.

Gummicube will create an A/B testing plan together that takes into account our research, your brand guidelines and any other creative requirements. This can include but is not limited to A/B testing of:

  • App Icons
  • Screenshots
  • Preview Videos
  • Feature Graphics
  • Titles / Subtitles
  • Descriptions

Conversion optimization and A/B testing requires creative assets. With Gummicube you don't have to lift a finger. Our creative services team can build all store listing assets for testing, or partner with your internal creative resources.

Beyond Conversion Optimization & A/B Testing

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond just conversion optimization and testing. Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including: