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Gummicube's App Store Optimization services take a 360-degree approach to mobile marketing. We have more than 10 years of experience helping apps increase their search rankings with keyword and metadata optimization, boost their conversion rates with A/B testing, and optimize user acquisition.

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App Store Optimization Services

Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization helps your app target the right keywords and improve rankings, increasing traffic and downloads in the App Store and Google Play.

The App Store and Google Play have more in common with e-commerce search than web search. We understand how to optimize across hundreds of keywords at a time while also drilling into the core terms that are critical for your app.

The Best Results

More top apps trust Gummicube's App Store Optimization services than any other ASO company. We combine proven ASO methods with award-winning ASO tools to help apps increase visibility. On average we perform 2 - 3x better than a typical ASO agency.

Unrivaled Methods

Gummicube has more than 10 years of experience with ASO and offers a complete App Store Optimization service. We have developed a proven method to help apps expand their footprint that is simply not possible with off-the-shelf tools or just any ASO agency. Let our experts help you structure your metadata and optimize your creative assets for maximum growth.

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conversion optimization service

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is an important component of our App Store Optimization service. Done correctly, conversion optimization can drive keyword rankings higher and decrease the cost of your user acquisition across all channels. Store listing assets are a critical first impression.

Gummicube conducts deep research in your category to identify conversion trends and deliver data-driven test plans to produce the best results.

  • A/B Testing in the Google Play Store using Experiments
  • A/B Testing in the App Store with Search Ads creative sets
  • A/B Testing with any paid traffic source using Splitcube
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The World’s Best Creative Team For ASO

Creative Services

The largest brands and the most innovative startups in the world trust Gummicube’s creative services team to deliver assets that perform.

  • Screenshots, app icons, feature graphics
  • App Store and Google Play preview videos
  • Copywriting and value prop development
  • Display assets for paid user acquisition
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Everyone Has Different Needs

Let’s start with an ASO audit to talk about what is right for you.

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reputation management

User Sentiment Analysis

Reputation Management

Managing your app reputation is important! A good app reputation can improve your conversion. We can help:

  • Identify trends in your user reviews that require immediate action.
  • Respond to user reviews promptly to flip negative reviews into positive ones
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The Experts For ASO Measurement

Attribution and Reporting

Providing clear attribution and reporting for ASO is a key part of Gummicube's App Store Optimization service. We help clients understand their growth in downloads and how that attributes back to ASO. Gummicube attribution and reporting measures how paid marketing, seasonality, search optimization, and conversion optimization impact your app. We understand that all of these components work together as part of an ASO strategy.

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Paid Management

ASA & Google Ads

Apple Search Ads and Google Ads are a crucial part of ASO. Gummicube offers Apple Search Ads and Google Ads management as part of our App Store Optimization service. Properly structuring ASA and GA campaigns can boost your keyword rankings and downloads. Gummicube paid search intelligence provides predictive insights into the keywords where an app will receive the most volume at the lowest cost per tap / install.

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The Benefits Of Multivariate Testing

Focus Groups & A/B Testing

Ensure that quantitative data is leading to the correct conclusions by pairing focus groups and surveys with A/B testing. Leverage traffic from any social channel and audience segment to understand what users are thinking when they see your store listing. Understand the “Why?” -Why did users choose to click? Why did they choose to move on?

Do More With A/B Testing

A/B testing different traffic channels is an investment. Increase the value of that investment by engaging with users and receiving real feedback.

Pre-Optimize Your Apps

Launch scaled A/B testing and focus groups for new apps before they even launch. Determine key value drivers for your audiences before ramping ad spend.

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market research

Stay On Top Of Trends, Discover New Insights & Ensure Your App Is Up To Date

Market Research

Market research allows businesses to find valuable information to guide them in the development of important strategies, such as new product development or launch, new market rollout, consumer behavioral change, market needs, new Apple or Google algorithm changes, and more.

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