Attribution and Reporting

Full Attribution & Reporting Services for ASO and Mobile Marketing

We provide a full attribution and reporting service that helps you get a better picture of how organic (app store optimization) and paid marketing activities work together.

Providing Accurate Measurement

Gummicube provides clear reporting to understand your entire user acquisition funnel for organic (ASO) and paid channels. We provide clear KPI’s including impressions and SOV (share of voice) inside each store, conversion benchmarks for organics & paid traffic sources and download growth and user engagement. Gummicube also looks at outside factors that could influence results.

Many Factors Influence Results

Holistic Approach to Measurement
Measuring App Store Optimization activities (and even paid user acquisition) is not always as straightforward as looking at the number of installs or actions from a particular channel. Understanding changes in seasonal demand, how different sources of external traffic can impact organics, and accurately measuring ROAS (return on investment) is critical.

Solving Measurement Challenges for Enterprise and Startups

We’ve solved some of the hardest attribution challenges in the world with enterprise clients like NBCUniversal, YouTube, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Sephora and others who have traffic that comes from hard-to-track sources.

Our team understands how to filter the impact of diverse sources of traffic from television to radio and large web properties. We help clients sort out the impact of ASO or paid user acquisition vs. traffic and installs that may result from broader marketing or awareness.

Gummicube has also helped startups build the most efficient plans for ASO and paid user acquisition. We take our knowledge of ASO to maximize store visibility and conversion and combine it with knowledge of paid user acquisition channels to have the biggest impact inside and outside of each store. The result is huge growth and return on investment.

Beyond Attribution & Reporting

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond just keywords and metadata. Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including:
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