Launching Your Mobile App

App Launch

The average developer that launches in the App Store and Google Play receives a few downloads each day. The successful app developer has a launch and marketing plan that will rocket their app to the top. To be successful, every app needs App Store Optimization and a marketing plan that will drive users to find their app. It is important to get a head start before your app even launches to be successful. Gummicube can help create and execute your successful launch strategy.

App Pre-Launch Hurdles

Gummicube can help you understand the App Store and Google Play guidelines while your app is in development and before you launch. To ensure a successful launch, you'll need to ensure that your app complies with their rules, which can differ from one category to another.
App Pre-Optimization is Esstential
Did you know that you can optimize an app before it is launched? Gummicube can help research competitors and keywords, structure metadata, and build out optimized creative assets in time for your launch. This helps you start with a solid foundation, rather than starting from ground zero after you've already launched in the App Store and Google Play.

What is Pre-Optimization?      

A successful app launch requires pre-optimization - the process of preparing an app for a successful launch. Gummicube can help research competitors and keywords, structure metadata, and build out optimized creative assets in time for your launch. We can also determine which creative styles, colors, layouts, and positioning work best in the marketplace. This requires authoring app metadata like your descriptions, title, subtitle, and promotional text in a way that will cause your app to rank for the right keywords. It also involves creating multiple versions of icons and screenshots to test so you can learn how consumers react to different positioning and visuals. By pre-optimizing, you can make sure your app is set up for success.

The Value of Pre-Order

Helping your app launch by setting up a pre-order page on the App Store and Google Play is another successful strategy Gummicube has helped developers implement. A pre-order page allows users to express interest in downloading your app before it is launched and can sign users up for an instant download when you go live. If a pre-order page is successful, it is one sign that your app will be setup for success.

Benefits of Soft Launching an App

Gummicube has worked with many developers to "soft launch" their app. Running a soft launch can be a useful part of an app launch strategy. This involves launching your app in a secondary territory and running minimal marketing to test how users respond to your new product. This data can be used to make improvements prior to the big launch in your most important territories.

Paid Marketing Matters

Marketing and advertising on the App Store and Google Play Store are essential for an app to grow. Users are already searching the stores for apps to download, and it is critical that your app appears as one of the alternatives. Along with organic ASO, paid search marketing (Apple Search Ads, Google Ads) can help with your category and keyword rankings. This sends all the right signals to Apple and Google's algorithms to help you rise to the top even faster.

Integrate SDKs and Attribution Tools

Attribution is important for your app launch. It is important to understand who your most valuable users are and where they came from. Gummicube can help you select and set up the right attribution tools for your needs.

Proven App Launch Results

Take it from the developers who have worked with us to launch their app and had massive success. Our proven ASO solution combined with years of experience can help you hit the ground running.

Beyond App Launch

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond just keywords and metadata. Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including:

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