Your Icon Is Costing You Thousands of Downloads.

Mobile App Focus Group

Mobile App Focus Group

If you're spending money on mobile marketing and not seeing downloads, your icon and screenshots can be the problem.  Our App Focus Group Service is the solution to user testing your icon, screenshots, title and description for optimum downloads.

What You Don't Know

It's a common and expensive problem.  Developers buy mobile app marketing campaigns for their app and see ZERO increase in downloads.  How is this possible?

Your icon, screenshots, title and description are key factors that affect downloads.  More than half the time, users don't like the content enough to click "download app".

I need a calendar app, but there are so many. Which one should I download?
This icon is kind of bad... the app probably isn't made well either. I think I'll pass...
On-Page content like your icon and screenshots
will make or break your download rates.

Making your icon, screenshots, title and description more appealing helps increase your download rates by as much as 2X-10X.

Our App Focus Group Service will test your app icon, screenshots, title and description in front of thousands of users.

You'll get insight into what users like and don't like about your content through using our app surveys.

Split Testing Has Changed

Live A/B testing can B/A hassle.

We solve many problems that come from testing your mobile app using this and other outdated methods.


Our Focus Group Service      against      Live mobile app testing

Less Iteration
Valuable user feedback without needing to release new builds
Behavior Insights
Real user insights on how to get users to download your app
Marketing Direction
Invaluable information on how to market and target traffic for your app
Active Users
Your on-page content in front of 10,000+ users eager to download new apps
More Downloads
A rapid increase in download rates once your content is optimized
No Guarantees
No guaranteed feedback on the content that makes or breaks your download rates
Indefinite Waiting
Days, weeks, and sometimes months of waiting for iTunes to approve the new version of your app
Hit-or-Miss Testing
Endless hours building and testing updated versions without regard to user experience
No Direction
No solid direction on how to start increasing downloads for your app
No On-Page Insight
App Reviews only come from users who downloaded; You'll never know why everyone else passed you up
All the Benefits Without the Hassle

Here's What You Get With Our App Focus Group Service:

Direct Feedback from Real Users
Direct Feedback from Real Users
Get invaluable insight into what makes a user click "download".

Users will take your app surveys and give you feedback on what they like and what they don't. You'll know right away:

  • which app icon gets the most positive responses
  • which screenshots create user excitement
  • why a user wants your app

Definitive Direction for Advertising & Mobile Marketing
Definitive Direction for Advertising & Mobile Marketing
Refine your target demographic for a higher download percentage.

You'll understand what keywords a user would enter to search for your app.  You'll also gain more information about the users who like your app, and those who don't.  You'll be able to accurately target your user base for more effective mobile marketing and advertising.

An audience of 10,000+ Users
An audience of 10,000+ Users
Our users viewing your on-page content are ITCHING to download new apps.

Our Gnome Escape users are constantly testing out and reviewing new apps of all kinds.  They WANT to see your app surveys.  Our App Focus Group Service puts your content in front of those users who can't get enough new apps to download and use.

The Optimal Update The First Time
The Optimal Update The First Time
No more wasting time and money on ineffective testing methods.

Live A/B Testing is a common method developers use to test a webpage, but with mobile apps this method takes too much time.  With our service, you don't have to submit a new build in order to get the feedback you need to multiply your download rates.  No more time wasted waiting while you could be gaining downloads.

Best of all, if you're already an ASO subscriber, our App Focus Group Service is absolutely FREE.
Our App Focus Group Service eliminates any guesswork on what content gets downloads.
Stop losing downloads and test your app content today!