DATACUBE is Gummicube's App Store Intelligence software.

You can do more with DATACUBE software. With true mobile data, you can understand consumer trends within the App Store and Google Play to find your audience more effectively. You'll see better results in your App Store Optimization efforts and can even improve the performance of traditional marketing campaigns when you understand how users are searching for your brand, product or service.

Competitive Analysis

Your app has thousands of competitors. You can't analyze them all manually.

Stop wasting your time manually adding and analyzing competitors. With more than 5,000 apps added to the app stores every day, you need software automation to do the job right. Let our software keep tabs on your competitors and show you what you need to know to stay ahead of the curve.

DATACUBE analyzes all of your relevant competitors instantly and automatically. You'll get tracking updates and competitor analyses so you can easily keep tabs on the apps in your market. This is more than "suggesting potential competitors" - it is true intelligent software automation.

Trend Analysis

Gummicube indexes real-time trends in the App Store and Google Play, allowing our partners to make data-driven decisions across their organization. Marketers use real-time trends in the app stores to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) and ROI of mobile advertising by developing more effective calls-to-action. Product Managers use trending data to estimate user demand for specific features and make better decisions about where to invest development resources.

Rapid Optimization

Effortless, high quality results.

You won't need to waste thousands of hours a month guessing why you aren't getting traffic. Our algorithms analyze keyword data to tell you what isn't working and suggest keywords and phrases to increase your reach. You'll instantly and automatically know what keywords to use and how build on them.

Tracking + Reporting

With DATACUBE, optimization becomes a part of your release cycle for each new build of your mobile app. You'll be able to track your rankings by build, time period, or both. Our live data is constantly updated to ensure that your attribution results are accurate, letting you understand your download baseline and where to make adjustments. All reports are available in a variety of formats to enable easy sharing.

Sourcing Accurate Data

Gummicube's software leverages a proprietary index of search within the app stores to provide the most accurate data and achieve the best results for our partners. We don't scrape web data or leverage inaccurate third-party information in our technology. We've spent years gathering and analyzing data from the app stores, optimizing thousands of apps and building mobile marketing campaigns ourselves to fully understand user behavior. We provide partners with the full picture when it comes to big data for mobile marketing.

Some Datacube Bonus Features

  • Unlimited keyword phrase tracking
  • Fully supports iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps
  • Unique keyword charts and graphics interpret rankings for you
  • Keyword notepad lets you save keywords for your next build or update
  • Relevant category display tracking based on your keywords
  • Big Data Trends, Behavioral Insights and More


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