Big Data Analytics Software for App Store Optimization and Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Revolution
Mobile Marketing Revolution

Gummicube is changing the way everyone uses data for mobile marketing with our revolutionary DATACUBE app store intelligence software.  Use DATACUBE to understand trends, improve the performance of mobile marketing campaigns and predict consumer demand to make more informed product development decisions.  Take your mobile marketing and App Store Optimization to the next level.

The New Technology Standard for App Store Analytics

Web based tools and data are ineffective for optimizing a mobile app.  Understanding the mobile user landscape is how to succeed in mobile marketing and App Store Optimization.

Gummicube has proprietary App Store Intelligence derived from mobile data and behavioral information within the major App Stores. There is no "scraped" data from the web here. We spent years studying end users behaviors in mobile.

The New Technology Standard for App Store Analytics
Web Behavior vs. Mobile Behavior
  • The most valuable users search
  • Process activity, requires active effort
  • Relevance rules - you can't buy rank
  • Having the right data is critical
  • Search trends can change overnight
  • App Store search behavior is different
  • Users expect different results to queries
  • App Store search trends are different
  • App Store search algorithms are different
  • Web based SEO techniques don't apply
How Our Technology Helps With ASO
How Our Technology Helps With ASO

DATACUBE enables wise choices about which keywords to target by providing accurate data about App Store trends and search semantics. Our keyword building algorithm helps select keywords that can build additional relevant phrases to increase your reach. With the increase in visibility in App Store Search, your organic downloads and quality of users will increase substantially.

Do More With Accurate Data

Make data driven decisions about what products to build, what new features to release and/or what keywords to go after. Know definitively how much demand there is for a product, feature, and keyword based on real trends in the App Stores with DATACUBE.  Eliminate guesswork and understand what demand looks like before you start to write code and map out your marketing plan.

Do More With Accurate Data