Gummicube helped AVIS double their Top 10 rankings in the App Store and Google Play while increasing downloads by nearly 50%.


Avis is a leading provider of car rental services around the globe. The Avis iPhone and Android car rental apps seek to provide a more convenient way for customers to find and rent cars directly from their mobile device. Avis was looking for ways to improve the overall performance of user acquisition and turned to Gummicube for support.
Avis and Gummicube began working together in mid 2018, with the goal of achieving increased visibility within the App Store and Google Play as well as improving conversion through App Store Optimization. Using its DATACUBE App Store Intelligence platform, Gummicube provided Avis with a detailed overview of the competitive mobile landscape, where Avis was positioned in it, and a strategy for improvement.

Gummicube first focused on optimizing keywords and metadata for the Avis app in the App Store and Google Play. This increased its visibility and impressions throughout store ecosystems, improving keyword rankings and chart position.      


As a result of the first metadata deployment, Avis saw substantial growth in its keyword ranking and visibility. In the Google Play Store, there was a 59.65% growth in total ranked keywords along with 114% growth in those ranked in the top 10. The improvements on iOS were even more substantial, with a total growth of 393% and 263% growth in top 10 ranked terms. The increase in keyword visibility, particularly in top positions, gave Avis a way to reach new potential users in organic search.      


Next, Gummicube turned to optimizing conversion for the Avis app in each store. This meant focusing on the app’s creative assets and implementing an a/b testing program for conversion optimization.

Gummicube analyzed Avis’ store listing presentation and developed optimized screenshots, icons, feature graphics and related assets for a/b testing. We focused not only on the app page experience, but also examined how assets appear inside the search results of the App Store and Google Play. While designing the new creatives, we implemented best practices specific to each platform, integrated learnings from competitive research and leveraged recent design trends. Gummicube’s full set of creatives remained true to the Avis brand while also incorporating design elements optimal for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Through multiple rounds of A/B multivariate testing, Gummicube discovered the design elements that worked best for Avis and iterated the live store assets. During testing, many creative variants were developed and implemented that consistently outperformed the control.     


Feature graphics updated on Google Play yielded a 28% improvement in conversion performance
Updated screenshots were implemented and increased conversions (and downloads) by another 20%

Every test and each iteration of the live store creative produced valuable learnings about what worked best specifically for the Avis app.

The Gummicube process is iterative, which allowed us to fine-tune the initial results of our optimization over time. Throughout the optimization process, iOS impressions grew by 69%, with installs improving by 46.13%. Google Play store listing visitors improved by 309%, while downloads increased by 46.25%.

The Gummicube process is iterative, which allowed us to fine-tune the initial results of our optimization over time. Throughout the optimization process, iOS impressions grew by 69%, with installs improving by 46.13%. Google Play store listing visitors improved by 309%, while downloads increased by 46.25%.   

These metrics continued to improve with each update as Gummicube helped Avis navigate the ever changing trends in the mobile ecosystem. With Gummicube’s help, Avis was able to find the keys to success for their mobile app.

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