Gummicube helped Carvana grow organic downloads more than 80% and improved conversion by 98% across all channels


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Carvana is an online car retailer that lets users search and buy cars online, offering both financing and delivery from a mobile app. When Carvana was looking to drive growth for its mobile app, it turned to Gummicube, the leader in App Store Optimization.

Gummicube provided Carvana with the expertise, guidance and data needed to accelerate growth, putting Carvana on the highway to success. Our optimizations positively impacted every metric, including keyword visibility, impression growth, App Unit growth and dramatic increases in impressions-to-download conversion rates.


Gummicube’s research enabled our ASO experts to determine what keywords would perform best for Carvana, both in terms of relevance and search volume. The team identified a variety of terms tied to Carvana’s core functionality, as well as related terms that would help it expand its footprint within the car-buying space.

After identifying core keywords to target, Gummicube restructured the app title, subtitle and keywords to maximize visibility and search-based impression growth.

Additionally, Carvana realized an impressive 220% growth in Top 5 terms, significantly increasing its visibility and driving new impressions from the store.

Overall KEYWORD RANKINGS GREW BY 440% as a result of the optimization.

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Gummicube’s team continued optimizing metadata based on market trends and new insights. This ultimately led to Carvana’s impressions (the number of times an app is viewed on the App Store) to GROW BY 246%.

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Conversion Optimization

The increase in traffic from Gummicube’s optimization process delivered Carvana more visibility and reach. To further aid growth, Gummicube aimed to improve impressions-to-download conversion rates by learning what messaging and elements best converted users, and aligning Carvana’s search experience with those insights.

To understand top converting elements, Gummicube researched competitors, feature positioning and design treatments in the automotive marketplace using DATACUBE. These findings included:

  • Car Imagery Within the Creative
  • Emphasizing Car Buying
  • Specific Color Palettes
  • Handset Orientation

Gummicube used these insights to update all aspects of Carvana’s page listing. The description was revised to align with top performing terms and messaging while a new set of screenshots complimented the new copy.

The new screenshots incorporated top trends while staying true to Carvana’s brand identity. This would help communicate Carvana’s value to users, while also encouraging downloads.

As a combined result of these metadata and creative updates, Carvana’s organic App Units (first time installers) INCREASED BY 81%.


Every change Gummicube implemented resulted in new growth for Carvana’s app. This included increased keyword rankings and growth in impressions and impressions-to-download conversion rates. Gummicube’s experience, technology and unique methodology significantly accelerated Carvana’s growth and visibility.

The improved keyword indexation was a direct result of Gummicube’s optimization methodology and increased CARVANA’S IMPRESSIONS BY 246%.

These efforts also lead to an 81% INCREASE IN APP UNITS.

Increased clicks and downloads helped improve Carvana’s keyword rankings. Gummicube’s App Store Optimization work and guidance helped Carvana gain consistent growth on the App Store, which it continues to benefit from.

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