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DATACUBE is the award-winning ASO tool that gives you detailed, real-time insights into the App Store and Google Play. With accurate data for ASO at your fingertips, you can achieve 2 - 3x better results than using other ASO tools. DATACUBE allows you to focus on impactful growth and optimize faster. Let our proprietary machine learning do the work for you.

Search Optimization

ASO tools like DATACUBE make it fast and easy to optimize metadata across thousands of keywords. Users can track keyword rankings and the impact of conversion on keywords. Understand how Apple and Google are crawling their apps, learn how competitors are optimizing, and understand in real-time how an ASO optimization impacts your app’s footprint.

Conversion Optimization

Make A/B testing more intelligent with DATACUBE. Gummicube's ASO tool, DATACUBE, answers the important questions to help improve your app conversion: Which colors convert? What layouts work best? Which feature has more demand? What can be learned from competitors?

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Increase Conversion. Lower User Acquisition Cost. Improve Rankings.


The ASO tool for conversion optimization. A/B test your creative assets without making any changes in the App Store or Google Play with Splitcube. Boost your organic conversion and improve yield on paid marketing spend. Increasing conversion in the App Store and Google Play lowers user acquisition costs across all marketing channels and can increase organic downloads.

Optimize Store Listings

Create variants of any store listing for A/B testing or run experiments in a search results-style view to see how different assets increase your share of clicks.

Optimize Paid UA

Drive paid traffic from any channel into test versions of a store listing, and learn which creative variants help drive better yield and ROI from marketing dollars.

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The Best ASO Solution for All of Your Mobile Marketing Needs

Ready to maximize your App Store Optimization strategy and execution?

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Expand Keyword Lists

Expand your keyword lists in Apple Search Ads by instantly seeing thousands of keywords that Apple has found your app organically relevant for.

Ensure Google Ads crawls your store listings correctly to be displayed on the keywords that matter most to your app in the Google Play store.

More Volume At Lower Cost

Increase the share of inventory you receive from paid search while decreasing cost per tap and install. DATACUBE PS helps you see where your app is relevant ahead of time.

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Datacube Paid Search
Datacube Attribution Reporting

App Attribution

App Attribution & Reporting

App Analytics will provide real-time data on how your app is ranking and converting in the App Store and Google Play. Learn how seasonality can impact downloads, and understand keyword trends that are driving your growth.

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Our ASO technology will redefine what App Store Optimization can do for you

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