6 Mobile Marketing Infographics Worth Viewing

March 27th, 2015

6 Mobile Marketing Infographics Worth Viewing
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

We love data. As an App Store Intelligence platform, we have lots of it. Infographics are a natural fit for sharing some of the insights we have gleaned from our data collection and mobile marketing experiments and implementations. As we start to share our own unique insights via infographic - thought we could kick things off with a some mobile marketing stats from infographics we found helpful and interesting.

The State of Mobile in 2015

From: Kona Company Fun Data Point: Mobile adoption growing 8x faster than the web did. The-State-of-Mobile-in-2015

Social Media on Mobile

From: NeoMobile Fun Data Point: 75% of Pinterest Traffic via Mobile NEOMOBILE-social-media-mobile-infographic-273x1074

Mobile Evolution: Millennials vs Gen X


IDG Fun Data Point: Implied that Millennials are much more comfortable on smaller screens 4bk8MAh

10 Incredible Mobile Marketing Stats

From: Text Marketer via Social Media Examiner Fun Data Point: 76% open and view message sooner by SMS than by email 10_mobile_marketing_Stats_2015

Mobile Marketing Taking Over Digital Marketing


3 Sixty Interactive Fun Data Point: 46% of smartphone users say they use mobile as the only tool for search Untitled-Infographic-71.jpg1

US Tablet Users vs US General Population


Vertic Fun Data Point: Tablet users convert at a rate 50% greater than on PCs, and are 5x as likely to have a $100k+ income. 59fa88b0be9cf453554ca920cd6eeff0 And one for the road:

A $77 billion Industry

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