Android Excellence: Google’s Answer to Editorialized Content

July 8th, 2017

Android Excellence: Google’s Answer to Editorialized Content
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

Apple recently announced a complete redesign of its App Store, shifting their focus toward editorialized content such as interviews, tips and tricks and stories on apps and developers. While the App Store’s redesign won’t debut until the launch of iOS 11, Google has already announced its own plans to expand their editorial content with a new program called Android Excellence. Similar to Apple’s new Today tab, Android Excellence will highlight the highest-quality apps and games on a rotating basis. The apps and games will be handpicked by Google Play’s editors based on their ability to “deliver incredible user experiences on Android,” apps and games that use Google’s best practices, “and have great design, technical performance, localization, and device optimization.” These apps and games can be looked at as examples of the great apps that Google encourages developers to continue creating through their platform. Other than encouraging the future of the Google Play Store, Android Excellence will also feature content that is broken down into two groups: apps and games. These groups will each feature a revamped Editors’ Choice section full of app and game reviews curated specifically by the editorial team. Google has already announced their lists for this quarter, and the apps and games can be viewed here: Android Excellence. While the timing of Google’s announcement to encourage more editorialized content might be suspect, the two tech companies vary in how they will deliver this content.

Apple vs Google

The biggest differences between Android Excellence and Apple’s Today tab is that Android Excellence will only be updated quarterly, which means that it will not feature new content daily like the Today tab. Google’s decision to update quarterly might turn away users from viewing daily, but for the app developers that get featured, it could be significant to attracting users, in turn improving their conversion. While Google is trying to introduce more editorialized content, they are not quite matching the level that Apple will achieve. Apple will feature daily stories, which will present anything from world premieres to inside looks of newly launched apps. Google’s editorialized content, however, is merely a brief bulleted list of why their editors chose the app or game. This doesn’t highlight the developers or give much context behind their creative choices. Despite Google beating Apple to the punch and releasing a revamped Editor’s Choice, Apple’s Today tab will certainly help more apps with its rotating content and in-depth editorialized content.

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