Apple Releases Two New Search Ads Programs

December 8th, 2017

Apple Releases Two New Search Ads Programs
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, Apple is giving developers the gift of Search Ads Basic and Search Ads Advanced, their newly released Search Ads programs. Since Apple announced Search Ads in late 2016, they have been a vital tool for developers expanding their app’s audience and visibility. They have also greatly helped developers understand the need to optimize their app’s metadata using ASO. Thanks to Apple’s two new programs, app developers of all types can start using Search Ads to compete against their competitors. The new programs aren’t necessarily targeting a certain demographic of app developers, but are instead trying to help them all understand how it all work. Here are the differences between Search Ads Basic and Search Ads Advanced: Search Ads Basic

  • Think of this as the training wheels for Search Ads.
  • This program offers developers cost-per-install, meaning they only pay for installs.
  • Developers just have to set up their account and provide their monthly budget.
  • Can start and stop whenever, and adjust the budget at any time.

Search Ads Advanced

  • The training wheels are off and developers have access to the full suite of tools.
  • They can control campaigns and audiences who see the ads.
  • Can choose keywords and explore searches with the Search Match.

Both the Basic and Advanced programs are sure to help developers, especially in territories like UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and Mexico, which recently got Search Ads. Developers need to start looking toward additional tools so they can reach a larger audience while also improving their app’s visibility. Whether you’re a developer that just wants to get a taste of Search Ads or you’re a seasoned developer that wants to expand your audience, you should look into these programs.

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