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How to Advertise Using Apple's Today Tab

October 12th, 2022

How to Advertise Using Apple's Today Tab

Optimizing for organic app store growth is the first step in creating an effective app marketing strategy. However, developers can leverage paid channels to support their organic App Store Optimization plan.

Apple’s Today Tab allows publishers to showcase their apps in a unique listing format where useful information and in-app imagery take center stage. The Today Tab gives app promotion new meaning by offering developers tools to highlight app features, relevant seasonal updates, or special events in a way that users may find more visually engaging, without the “noise” found on search results.

Apple Today Tab & App Store Optimization

Color With Alice Today Tab

Source: App Store

When mobile marketers think of App Store Optimization it can be easy to believe that metadata and keyword updates are the only necessary initiatives needed to ensure better positioning. The truth is that there are many areas that proactively complement each other to create an effective ASO plan. However, making use of the paid advertising tools the App Store provides is a great way for developers and the App Store algorithm to garner more data to improve organic performance.

The Today Tab can provide an added boost to your app by way of increased user engagement and possibly conversions. An optimized Custom Product Page can be enough for some users to download, and in other cases, lead them to learn more directly on your app listing page.

Custom Product Pages

hopper flight app app store today tab

In order to run a Today Tab ad, developers must create a custom product page in App Store Connect. This will act as a landing page for users who tap on your app in the Today Tab and can be customized to fit the needs of your app store marketing campaign.

Capitalizing on market trends, seasonal promotions, and feature updates are great ways to keep the content on your custom product page relevant and engaging for readers. Developers can also take this opportunity to provide a unique experience once users tap on your app.

For example, some successful publishers have structured their Custom Product Page in a way that provides a walkthrough of their app by highlighting their most popular features and how users can benefit from them. This short preview can be extremely insightful for those looking to see how an app feature set can be relevant to a potential need.

With the use of Pro Tips, developers can guide potential users through the distinct value propositions provided in their app and how they apply to different situations. These act as a complementary element to the feature being highlighted with some publishers even giving step-by-step actions on how to effectively use each one.

How to Run a Today Tab Ad


Source: Apple

As is the case with content that goes on your app listing page, there are certain guidelines to follow when running an ad through Apple Search Ads. The rules developers must follow when running a Today Tab ad are much stricter than those revolving around organic app listings, so staying up to date with changing requirements is important to make sure your ad gets approved.

Apple provides a guide as to how you can optimize your Today Tab ad, but general guidelines to follow include:

  • Your product page must include at least four portrait or 5 landscape creative assets.
  • The correct language must be used for the designated territory the ad is running in.
  • Each is subject to App Store approval. Developers can see the status of their ad in their Ads dashboard
  • You can schedule an ad for later in the future or have it run as soon as it is approved.

An important thing to note is that once your ad is live, it’s not possible to make changes to your creative. Because of this Apple recommends running a general Today Tab ad and creating a separate one for any relevant updates you’d like to include. This can apply to ads you intend to run on a certain holiday or after an important feature update. You can then pause your original, general ad and run your new one to keep your app in front of potential users.

Mobile App Optimization - The Right Way

Combining both paid marketing campaigns and organic ASO strategies are a great way to maximize your app growth potential while collecting extra data that can help streamline adjustments to your App Store Optimization plan over time.

The right ASO tools and technology are a great way to help increase your paid and organic visibility and conversions. With an experienced App Store Optimization company, you can set up a Today Tab campaign and app marketing plan that gets the results you need to succeed in the App Store.

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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