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Apple Custom Product Pages

January 20th, 2023

Apple Custom Product Pages
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

In today's digital age, the App Store is becoming increasingly competitive as more and more developers launch their products into the mobile world. With millions of apps available, it can be difficult for developers to stand out among hundreds or even thousands of apps offering similar features in the same market. Relying on just organic search rankings just isn’t enough sometimes.

Apple's Custom Product Pages can be a powerful tool in helping optimize a developer’s presence in the App Store by creating a personalized experience aimed at increasing engagement and conversions.

In this ASO Academy, we will take a closer look at how Custom Product Pages can help developers improve their app's reach and increase downloads in the current digital landscape.

What Are App Store Custom Product Pages?

Custom Product Pages are a feature of the App Store that allows developers to create a unique app product page. These pages each include their own URL which can then be used alongside different marketing initiatives. Have a Facebook Ads campaign in mind? Link your Custom Product Page to it. Want to drive app awareness through a blog post? You can link your Custom Product Page here too.

CPPs are customizable as well, allowing you to combine a variety of metadata and creative elements, such as screenshots, videos, and text, to showcase the app's features and benefits depending on the intended audience or message. Because of this you can target different demographics or highlight distinct features for each Custom Product Page you create.

custom product page set up page with 5 screenshots

Developers can create up to 35 different Custom Product pages, giving plenty of opportunity to curate an App Store experience for each user type. This level of personalization can help increase app performance by connecting with audience members that may be more receptive to specific features, images, CTA’s, and more.

Custom Product Pages & App Store Experience Personalization

In 2023, engagement and personalization take center stage when it comes to App Store experiences. The push for features that cater to audiences at different levels of the acquisition funnel further supports this idea with In-App Events and Google’s new LiveOps being clear examples. Other examples include Apple’s PPOs which clearly indicate an inclination to help developers better understand their audience and adjust their ASO strategy to align with their preferences.

CPPs take user personalization to the next level by letting developers create an alternative version of their product page and adjust creative and metadata elements to complete different objectives. Whether targeting a foreign-speaking audience, promoting a new character to a specific demographic, or offering a discount to its most loyal customers, Custom Product Pages open the door for endless customization opportunities.

custom product page examples with three different variants

However, CPPs can also be a way to adapt to different seasonal occurrences and market trends. For example, a developer may want a time-sensitive product page related to a popular product promoted on their website. In this case, overhauling their current app listing probably isn’t the best option. Creating a Product Page that can be inserted as a link wherever the deal is being promoted is a better strategy for personalizing the App Store experience without sacrificing elements in their core app product page that may be performing well.

Developers can further target specific audiences by combining different marketing efforts with their Custom Product Pages. Facebook Ad campaigns, blog posts, or even a physical QR code – wherever you can paste a URL, your Custom Product Page can go. CPP’s can also be used for native App Store marketing by including them in Search Ads campaigns for a customizable advertising experience with existing App Store users.

Creating a user experience that feels personal from the top of the funnel is effective in connecting with potential users and giving the perception that the developer understands its audience from the start.

App Store Optimization Benefits of Custom Product Pages

Custom Product Pages can be a powerful tool for app developers looking to improve their app's visibility in the App Store. By creating a unique app listing, developers can formulate a personalized app experience that can in turn help boost downloads and visibility.

With an increase in downloads from CPPs also comes the strong possibility of improving app ranking among search results for different terms in the App Store. This increase in ranking is a result of understanding that users behave differently if they feel a product page resonates with their current needs or is relevant to their search. With this understanding, developers can create CPPs for almost any situation and type of user that might be interested in their app.

With the increase in downloads, developers will then be able to continuously see which users they attract, how they respond to new features and adapt accordingly to reach even more that are similar to them.

Start Using App Custom Product Pages

In conclusion, Custom Product Pages are a powerful tool that can help developers to optimize their presence in the App Store and increase user engagement by creating unique experiences for different audiences. They allow developers to showcase features and different value propositions to users in a personalized way, at a time when relating to users is more important than ever.

Take your app marketing to the next level by combining your existing App Store Optimization strategy and marketing tactics with Custom Product Pages to propel your brand engagement and app performance to the next level.

Need help with your ASO? Get in touch with Gummicube today for a complete App Store Optimization solution for all your mobile app needs.

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