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How to Create An Effective App Name

October 23rd, 2023

How to Create An Effective App Name
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

Sometimes referred to as the app title, the app name is the single most important part of optimizing your mobile app. The Apple app name serves as both a primary field for indexing by Apple, and a key tool for converting app store views to installs. If viewers of the app don't immediately understand what the app is and does from the app name, they will move on. as it appears in Apple App Store mobile search result: apple app store search results Apple App Store listing: apple app store listing

How to Create an App Name

For the app name field, lead with the app's brand/product name followed by the most searched for and/or differentiating features.

"Name - Keyword(s)"

The app name should clearly describe what your app does, using the search terms your target audience uses to search for apps. This is exemplified in the above images using App Store listing:

  • **Brand Name: **
  • **Keyword: **Travel Booking

Worth noting, the use of the long-tail term "travel booking" provides an opportunity to target the shorter "travel" and "booking" terms, while also the longer, adjoined "travel booking" keyword. This approach best positions an app for indexation for relevant phrases, and is more likely to be installed by the targeted audience as the highlighted features address specific, targeted searches.

Apple App Name Length

Apple's app name field has a 30-character limit, which means developers need to make the most of the limited space by combining their principal branded term with key targeted phrases. When Apple indexes the app name, it places significant weight on the keywords and phrases found here and considers them most important to your ASO strategy

This is why when formulating an app name, the keywords that follow the branded term should be the ones most relevant to the app and its features.

Things to consider to maximize the space you have

  • Avoid stuffing with random keywords. This can come off as spammy and can decrease trust and credibility. Instead select a 1-2 hyper-relevant keywords to accompany your branded term.
  • Do not make subjective claims about your app that could cause it to be rejected. Statements such as "best" or "#1" can be grounds for rejection.

Check out our article on app title best practices for even more tips.

How to Change the App Name

App Store Optimization is an ongoing process of testing, measuring , adjusting and repeating as app store search evolves and search trends change. Changing which features are highlighted in the app name and adjusting the app name as needed is a routine part of ASO.

Different factors come into play when determining what to change in your app name and when to do so. Seasonal holidays, promotions, breakthrough features, and new competition can all be justifications for refreshing your app name.

While one might think it isn't necessary to update, there may be potential growth opportunities with even the slightest change to an existing title. This doesn't mean your app name should be updated every 6 weeks (as is recommended with the rest of your app store metadata), but occasional tweaks to the keywords following your branded term can garner a boost in rankings.

Create Your App Name For ASO

The foundation for effective mobile app marketing is App Store Optimization, and to lay the grounds for effective ASO, you'll need an app name that works. Grasping the fundamentals of creating an effective app name is the first step to developing the rest of your app marketing strategy.

Don't get left behind and make the most of your ASO with the experts and Gummicube today!

Apple's public developer site provides additional details and more information on Apple app name guidelines.

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