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Importance of Iteration

February 10th, 2022

Importance of Iteration

Mobile App Iteration

It’s time to give your App Store Optimization strategy a pulse check. When it comes to maintaining an effective ASO strategy, sustainability is essential for long-term success.

Much like taking a shower, it’s not enough to clean yourself once and consider it a done deal for the rest of your life. This same rule applies to app iterative metadata and creative updates.

Unfortunately, many app developers don’t give their ASO strategy the optimization updates it needs to perform well over time. But why is iteration so important in the process of optimization?

In today’s ASO Academy, we’ll be exploring the importance of sustainable app store iteration and take a look at some elements of iterative optimization app developers shouldn’t overlook.

The Importance of App Iterations

As we stated in the introduction, app developers often forego opportunities to optimize their app once the initial optimization steps are completed.

With ASO, search trends and app store updates are constantly changing. In fact, the velocity at which app store keyword rankings change and adjust varies daily. While these changes are frequent, daily optimization isn’t necessarily needed or beneficial.

Monthly metadata and creative maintenance offer plenty of time to track, manage, and optimize app store performance for short-term and long-term performance.

Iteration is the process in which app developers take the initiative to optimize their app performance thoroughly and continuously to adapt to changing trends. Changes in user search trends and app store developments are inevitable, so keeping up with these trends is vital in maintaining conversion rate growth and keyword ranking.

Through iteration, app developers can harness these changes and optimize their metadata and creative assets to work in their favor.

How Iterations Help Your ASO

While it’s important to understand what iteration is, it’s also important to understand what it does for app store performance.

To illustrate the impact of iteration, let’s take a look at The Snowball Effect:

Picture a snowball the size of your hand. Imagine this small snowball as your baseline optimization. While it’s a good start, the process of iteration helps build this snowball by rolling it through relevant metadata and creative updates that help it grow in visibility and conversion. Ultimately, it grows into a more robust and adaptive optimization strategy that retains its competitive edge and reconnects with its users.

This iterative process is fundamental in preventing stagnancy in an ever-changing app store environment.

When To Apply Different App Iterations

While the synergistic process of iteration takes time, developing your ASO strategy for sustainable growth beats any quick fix in app store performance. There are a few aspects of iteration that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Take a look at the following elements of iterative optimization opportunities to get a better idea of the iteration process:

  1. Seasonality - Different times of the year call for different ways for app developers to highlight specific creative assets and further refine keywords. For example, around the holiday season, retail apps may want to incorporate “Black Friday” in their screenshot copy to attract users looking for holiday deals.
  2. Keyword search trends - Search trends change over time. Keywords that were high-volume before may not be in the future. Targeting outdated and irrelevant keywords is counterproductive in increasing app visibility.
  3. Creative optimization - Screenshots and other creative assets serve a vital role in increasing conversion rate. Positioning and design elements are crucial in attracting users. Highlighting outdated or irrelevant elements in your creative assets only lessens their conversion rate impact and makes an app seem out of touch.

Make Iterations a Part of Your App Marketing Plan

App developers who prioritize iteration as a fundamental part of their long-term optimization strategy see continuous and improved growth in their app performance.

With the right ASO technology, including iterative actions in your ASO strategy can help you improve the long-term performance of your app with small steps that make a big difference!

Want to learn more about App Store Optimization? Check out our YouTube channel for the Latest ASO On The Go Episode discussing the importance of Iteration!

Contact Gummicube and we’ll help get your strategy started.

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