ASO Weekly - Spotify App Widget, Android 14 Beta, & AI Apps

April 14th, 2023

ASO Weekly - Spotify App Widget, Android 14 Beta, & AI Apps
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

iPhone Widgets & Spotify

With the release of iOS 16, Apple created a convenient new way for developers to engage with users without needing to open the app. The introduction of widgets to the lock screen revamped the iPhone’s UI, and while widgets have existed on the home screen since late 2020, lock screen compatibility opens the door to new engagement opportunities for developers.

Now Spotify is capitalizing on the feature’s popularity in the form of a new lock screen widget. Placed alongside the iPhone’s system widgets, users can now open up their Spotify app with a simple tap and avoid scrolling through all their apps to reach their music. Optimizing the user journey by placing your app where a user might need it most enhances the overall experience, while also streamlining navigation so your app can be conveniently accessed.

spotify ios lock screen widget

Source: Spotify

Whether it’s listening to the latest hits or tuning in to a podcast, users can get it done with just a tap. This creates a convenient new way to engage with an app that some users interact with heavily throughout their day. The consumer benefit is clear, so what can other developers learn from this to improve their app experience and ASO strategy?

iPhone Widget Optimization

Widgets being introduced to lock screens signals a clear indication that Apple is looking to expand upon the functionalities that give developers more places to showcase their app. You’ll want to take advantage of the opportunities presented alongside this change and tie it into your ASO strategy. Letting users know your app has lock screen widget compatibility can help secure a download if they recognize its benefits, so a mention of the feature could prove fruitful.

You can promote your lock screen widget by including a mention in your app screenshots. This provides a visual representation of the value that comes with using it. You can also go into further detail about how users can interact with widgets through your app description and promote it as a value proposition explaining how people can use it.

Attention is a prime currency and if your app is always within view or a tap away you can maximize your engagement and keep users interested.

Android 14 Beta Goes Public

The release of a new OS can be exciting for developers since it can give new ways to interact with users and provide new strategies to test. Google recently launched the first Android 14 beta for compatible Pixel devices, providing a glimpse into what the official release will contain. What changes should developers be aware of?

Here are some of the following features Google announced:

Expansion on Per-App Language Preferences

Developers can now configure their apps to automatically adjust to the user’s preferred language without the need to manually change it.

Grammatical Inflection API

Developers can optimize their app to account for language differences by factoring in gendered grammar and avoiding any negative experiences that can arise by mistakenly addressing users.

Screenshot Detection API

Apps can now register callbacks on a per-activity basis. When activated, the user will be notified that the specific activity took place – in this case, a screenshot. As of right now, it is unclear if the operating system will let apps monitor other forms of in-app activity, but it provides a more standardized way of detecting screenshots.

Android App Optimization

The official release of Android 14 may bring on additional changes not noted yet, but it’s important to begin to prepare your app strategy based on what the beta contains. Adjusting your app to operating system updates will ensure it’s optimized for the latest user experience.

The updates to how local language functions on a user device highlight the importance of app localization, and this rings true at every stage of the user journey, from Play Store discovery to within the app itself. Additionally, visibility of when users take screenshots can help developers protect users from potentially sharing sensitive information, functioning similarly to how some finance apps monitor and prohibit app screenshots altogether.

AI Apps Continue to Grow

The AI craze isn’t stopping. In a previous ASO Weekly, we went over how AI apps can leverage the tech’s popularity in their ASO strategy to increase their app ranking. It seems like that momentum hasn’t slowed down.

A recent report by Bernstein suggests that in-app revenue generated by AI apps amounted to $6 million in February. This meteoric rise in popularity can be observed with the prominent adoption of the technology. From AI art generators and text robots to full-on data analysis tools, the plethora of possible uses further supports the technology’s upward trend in app stores and beyond. But is mainstream popularity enough to ensure your success?

Chat Sonic AI app art example

Source: Chat Sonic

AI Mobile Apps & App Store Optimization

While any app can benefit from an effective App Store Optimization strategy, it’s important to emphasize this even more for apps that may not think they necessarily “need” it. With all the buzz surrounding AI, you can be sure to expect more and more apps looking to incorporate the tech into their own services and consequently, even call it out in their app listings. This means more and more companies will be targeting AI-related terms in their metadata. This increased competition will gradually narrow the gap between the current AI-centered apps dominating the App Store and Play Store and the ones that may appear in the near future.

Continuously adjusting your ASO strategy will be key to staying relevant in an ever-evolving and cutthroat market that may arise. App iteration will be your best friend and learning how to optimize your mobile app will give you the leverage needed to stay at the top of your game – especially when competing against major industry players.

Is your ASO strategy up to date? Find out with Gummicube today!

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