Facebook f8 2015 Mobile Impact

April 2nd, 2015

Facebook f8 2015 Mobile Impact
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

Videos from Facebook's f8 2015 conference are up and accessible here. Wow - so much mobile-related goodness! For mobile app publishers, a few announcements could prove to be game-changers, specifically Messenger and Sharing.

Facebook Messenger (as a platform)

Developer Product Page: Facebook Messenger

Old: all software expands until it includes messaging New: all messaging expands until it includes software — Benedict Evans (@BenedictEvans) March 13, 2015

Facebook is opening up Facebook Messenger to developers - who can now add Messenger buttons into their mobile apps. When combined with deep links and sharing - Facebook is offering a huge incentive to build on/with Messenger. The opportunity is essentially - users of your mobile app can share content from within your app (via Messenger) to someone who does not have your app, with a prompt for the recipient of the message to open this shared content in your app (as a new install/user for your app). Huge. Benedict Evans of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) shared his thoughts recently on how important Messenger is for Facebook. Messenger Platform: Drive Installs and Engagement through Conversation


Developer Product Page: Facebook Sharing Facebook is investing in making it easier to share with a new "Share Sheet". Users can share to groups, tag friends or via Messenger. Like - Share - Send Natively from within your app. Grow Your App Organically with Sharing an App Invites


Developer Product Page: App Links Content in mobile apps have historically been hidden or "locked up" in a sort of an "app silo". App metadata was all that could be indexed for web search, which also meant referring to a specific "location" in a mobile app was not easy or impossible. Deeplinking changes that and enables this: f8 2015 Alone this is great. Combined with Messenger and Sharing, could prove to be an explosive mechanism for user acquisition.

Great Experiences with App Links and Mobile App Architecture

Mobile App Analytics

Developer Product Page: Analytics for Apps Events, Funnels, Cohorts, Segments, Facebook specific data and Attribution. If you have ever run an ad campaign on Facebook, you know how much data they have and make available for targeting, retargeting, segmenting etc.. Mobile app analytics should lead to much better apps and smarter ad spend. And puts new pressures on Mixpanel and Yahoo's Flurry.

Build Better Experiences with Facebook Analytics for Apps

Lot's of exciting developments, as Facebook continues to invest in mobile, mobile apps and a better user experience for users across apps and devices.

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