Google Play Points and ASO

November 7th, 2019

Google Play Points and ASO
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

Google recently announced that Google Play Points, a rewards system that offers points for every purchase a user makes, will be made available in the United States. The reward system, which has already seen success in Japan and Korea, is designed to encourage purchases on the Google Play Store. Developers offering rewards through Google Play Points can utilize it as part of their App Store Optimization to further drive downloads.

Play Points

Google Play Points are earned by users when they make purchases or download featured free apps and games on the Google Play Store. As users accumulate points, they can exchange them for Play Store credit, use them to donate to charitable organizations or spend them on special items and discounts on mobile games and apps.

Users can sign up to earn Play Points for free from their mobile devices. There are four levels of Play Points: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level provides more perks, such as extra points per purchase or additional discounts, so users are encouraged to earn more by spending more.

Google has partnered with a select group of developers to provide special in-app offers for Play Points. Apps that do not have special offers can still accept Play Points for purchases in lieu of money. All developers on Play billing can let users earn points from their apps and games immediately.

App Store Optimization

When a new feature for the Play Store comes out, developers should consider how it can be utilized as part of their App Store Optimization strategy. The program is designed to encourage users to spend on paid apps, so apps and games offering in-app purchases or upfront download costs should consider how Play Points can encourage downloads and purchases.

Apps that are partnered with Google Play to offer special rewards for Play Points can highlight this in their descriptions and creative sets. Calling out what new rewards players can earn with their points, whether it’s discounted purchases or special items, may help improve conversions and retention. It’s another value the app can showcase.

Google Play will also include featured lists with promotional campaigns. Apps on these lists will be worth additional Play Points, so being featured in them can help drive installs as well as in-app purchases for new and existing users.

Offering discounts from Play Points can help encourage users to make purchases in an app they might have otherwise avoided. Even a $1 discount can make a difference for a user trying to decide if a purchase is worth the investment.

Using the Google Play Store page to call out specials, sales and benefits tied to Play Points can help an app attract users looking to earn or spend their Play Points.

While only a select few apps currently offer special rewards tied to Play Points, the program is just now launching. It may be possible for additional developers to add special rewards down the line as more users adopt the program.

As it is now, any app offering purchases can potentially benefit from Play Points. Developers should begin using ASO software to identify what apps rank organically for “Play Points” and see what they can do to help their indexation. Good App Store Optimization can make sure the apps get noticed and installed.

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