Google's The Play Report - A New Way to Feature Apps?

September 11th, 2023

Google's The Play Report - A New Way to Feature Apps?
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

What is The Play Report?

Coined as a “video series hosted by gaming and lifestyle experts”, The Play Report aims to provide Google Play Store visitors with a new way to discover recommended apps. In an effort to expand their editorial content, The Play Report acts as another avenue for discoverability for developers across the platform through short videos found on the Play Store’s home page.

Appearing to be showcased through YouTube Shorts, Google states The Play Report will feature experts, creators, and Google employees highlighting trending content and quality, lesser-known apps. Additionally, in an effort to streamline the conversion process, viewers interested in the apps featured will also have the opportunity to download them directly from The Play Report video.

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Source: Google

The Play Report For App Marketing

Video and live mechanics take center stage in each Play Report. In Google’s Play Report introduction, several creators are seen interacting with the app on-screen, showcasing gameplay or standout features worth highlighting. Whether the example shown represents the creator’s true live app interaction or a pre-recorded video simulation is yet to be seen. Nonetheless, this shines increased importance on the role of in-app performance and creative optimization to prepare for opportunities that may arise if your app happens to be selected.

Another important implication is the fact that apps are not only highlighted by Google personnel but industry creators as well. This can open an opportunity for influencer marketing content developers can leverage in other distribution channels. Using your featured Play Report as social proof and validation can instill additional trust among potential users who come across the video on say, social media.

The Play Report & ASO

Rolled out for select users in the U.S. the first Play Report sightings show Google’s continued inclination to add more video content to the Play Store. Perhaps rightfully so as vertical video seemingly occupies almost every major social media app, representing an increased interest in the format. But how will this new addition affect your ASO?

The Play Report is expected to be curated by Google and the creators participating, so your best bet at the moment is to ensure your app houses an exceptional in-app experience for a chance to be featured. Starting from this base and then building a quality App Store Optimization strategy to support it is a great way to ensure users have a positive experience both before they download and once immersed in your experience.

So, are you ready for your own Play Report?

Make sure your app listing is optimized with help from the industry’s top app marketing experts at Gummicube!

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