How Preview Videos in the New App Store Will Affect Conversion

June 21st, 2017

How Preview Videos in the New App Store Will Affect Conversion
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

On June 5th, Apple announced that the App Store will also feature editorialized content focusing on apps, games and developers handpicked by Apple. This editorialized content will feature all pieces of metadata including multiple App Preview Videos. Preview Videos are a crucial piece of metadata that many developers have been experimenting with for years. With the release of iOS 11, developers will then be able to submit up to three Preview Videos. Having more Preview Videos is a fantastic way to see the app or game in action, next to directly downloading it for yourself. Creatives are important for conversion because it helps showcase what is unique about the app or game that words in the app name or description cannot convey. Preview Videos give users an in-depth look at the UI and gameplay, two critical points in conversion. Developers looking to add additional Preview Videos to their App Store product page need to ensure that the content showcases their app’s core features and functionality while being visually compelling. Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 1.58.53 PM Preview Video Changes While developers scramble to put together content for two additional Preview Videos, it worthwhile noting the other significant changes such as auto play capability and where additional Preview Videos will be displayed on the product page. That’s right, Apple is allowing developers to set up their Preview Videos for auto play with muted audio. Developers that select auto play for their Preview Videos need to note that the poster frame will not be displayed. If developers set up their Preview Videos without auto play, the poster frame will be present and continue to be considerably useful for conversion. Any additional Preview Videos will also be moved below the description, in turn pushing screenshots significantly down the product page. While these changes are incredibly important for conversion, developers need to keep in mind that only users running iOS 11 and later will be able to see any additional Preview Videos added to their product page.

Pros & Cons of More Preview Videos

With every update, there are pros and cons that will directly affect developers. While there will be multiple opportunities for developers to engage with users and encourage them to download, they need to be careful with the decisions that go into making their Preview Video. Pros:

  • Developers can submit up to three Preview Videos
  • Multiple opportunities to engage with users and clearly show how an app works / gameplay
  • Preview Videos can more easily be localized so a customer in any country will see a customized version
  • Preview Videos can now be on auto-play with muted audio


  • More Preview Videos could possibly confuse users and send unclear messages
  • Auto-play Preview Videos means no Poster Frame and a possible loss of conversion

Based on our research, we’ve seen that apps that have a great Preview Video can improve their conversion up to 30 percent. Inversely, if an app has a bad Preview Video, it can decrease their conversion up to 30 percent. Apps that suffer poor conversion typically have a Preview Video that is confusing and does not highlight the app’s core features. Having three Preview Videos is incredibly important because it can open more chances for developers to improve their conversion. It is also crucial that before submitting multiple Preview Videos, developers properly test their video with focus groups for feedback on what images and keywords appeal most to users. Properly testing Preview Videos can help developers avoid falling into a slump and decreasing their conversion rates by 30 percent. Ultimately, developers will have plenty of opportunities to engage with their users and show off more facets, gameplay and features, but will need to make sure their Preview Videos continue to adhere to Apple’s strict guidelines.

Preview Video Guidelines

Despite Apple tripling the number of Preview Videos displayed on an app’s product page, the guidelines for creating and submitting a Preview Video stay the same. The basic guidelines go as follows :

  • Preview Videos can be up to 30 seconds
  • Preview Video must use straightforward transitions
  • Needs to display real-world usage and functionality of the app
  • Cannot have people interacting with a device that displays the app on it

Apple’s guidelines are not a way to try and shoehorn developers, but are set in place to ensure Preview Videos will represent an app’s the company will allow developers the possibility to choose the order of their Preview Videos, meaning it is crucial that the video clearly demonstrates the user experience, core features or gameplay. new_app_store_iphone_type_shift What Does All This Mean for Conversion? Apple’s changes to the App Store along with adding multiple Preview Videos means huge changes for the developer community and how they approach their app’s creatives. Tripling the number of Preview Videos means developers seriously need to make sure their Preview Videos capture their core features or gameplay to successfully impact their conversion. The impending App Store update proves that Apple realizes just how crucial creatives are to conversion. Developers should make sure their Preview Videos are prepared and clearly highlight their core features before iOS 11 is released this Fall.

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