New Play Store Ads Placement & App Store Pricing Updates

May 5th, 2023

New Play Store Ads Placement & App Store Pricing Updates

App Advertising on Google Play Gets a Refresh

In search of new revenue channels, Google seems to be testing a new ad placement for the Play Store. Some Android users have reported seeing ads within the search bar similar to how Apple offers ad suggestions in the App Store. While a live rollout has not been announced and how the ads can be set up isn’t clear just yet, it’s sure to be a welcome feature for app advertisers looking for more ways to promote their app. It will also undoubtedly aid in further increasing Google’s Play Store revenue which, according to Statista, amounted to about $48 billion in 2021.

google play store search bar adgoogle play store search ad experiment

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This isn’t to be confused with the apps that currently appear on the search bar page as those are part of Google’s “organic discovery feature”. The organic discovery feature as described by Google “highlights apps and games with major updates, ongoing events, or offers that users may be interested in”.

google play store organic search discovery

Google Search Organic Discovery

To what extent developers can leverage these new ads for precise targeting is yet to be seen, but it offers another avenue for app discovery before users even pull up search results.

ASO Strategy Implications

A new ad placement inevitably opens the doors for increased reach and potential conversions. It also means that it can possibly bring new considerations for app metadata when it comes to creating campaigns. Regardless of the new features or ad placements the app stores release, keeping relevant, up to date information is key to preparing your app once a user clicks on the ad and lands on your app listing.

Apple App Store Pricing Updates

Back in December, Apple announced upgrades to its pricing capabilities aimed at giving developers more comprehensive tools when it comes to managing regional pricing options for different countries. Starting May 9th, those upgrades continue to expand.

Developers will now be able to streamline how paid apps are priced and how one-time in-app purchases handle different currencies. The App Store will take a developer’s base country as the foundation for equalizing pricing across all of its territories thanks to third-party exchange rate information offered by financial data providers. This new feature simplifies how developers control different pricing options across the different territories they operate in while ensuring they are selling their services in line with real-time exchange rates.

You can update your current pricing and base country before the update goes live in App Store Connect. Alternatively, Apple will use your app’s current pricing in the United States as the base.

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