Picking The Right Niche For Your App

October 13th, 2023

Picking The Right Niche For Your App
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

Fave Music App For Fans

Want to show your love for your favorite artists? Fave can help. Having just secured $2 million in an ongoing round of funding, the app looks to reward fans for showing off their love for top music stars. So how does it work?

Fave lets users rack up points by showing their dedication as fans. Users can then grow their rank and work towards being a “Verified Superfan” through different activities and content they share. As fans climb the ranks, they can unlock unique perks and exclusive experiences for their commitment to their favorite artists.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Fans can even earn money by reselling tickets or promoting their own Etsy shops on the platform, opening the door to countless artist-related activities and opportunities for both fans and stars

Fave looks to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for fans and artists to connect and it seems to be on track to doing so. Providing tools that facilitate interactions between both parties, means users and artists will be able to communicate and connect like never before. And with increasing investor support, their goals may be in reach sooner rather than later.

What About ASO?

Fave may have a unique app experience that helps it stand out from the plethora of other music apps, but is only that enough to attract users? Unfortunately, the hyper-competitive nature of the App Store requires more than just a great idea.

The creators of Fave will have to implement a quality App Store Optimization strategy in order to boost their current keyword rankings, boost downloads and grow organically. Best practice that would improve their current listing include incorporating title tags in their app name and optimizing their apps screenshots.

EPIK Photo Editing App

Feeling nostalgic about your school years? EPIK brings yearbook-era photo filters to your portraits for a nostalgia-filled adventure. With the help of AI, EPIK takes your selfies to generate a series of yearbook photos for you to reminisce about and share with others.

This unique twist of photo editing has granted EPIK the #3 spot in the photo & video category on the App Store and an element of virality all over social media channels. While still growing, larger names in pop culture have hopped on the trend, curating their own high school-esque imagery.

The increasing popularity of AI in everyday apps and photo filters undoubtedly has helped EPIK earn its spot toward the top of category rankings, and the developers have known how to leverage these trends by highlighting them in their app store listing. But can they improve it to maintain their status?

What About ASO?

EPIK’s current app store listing implements several ASO best practices that are clearly contributing to its app store growth. With keywords included in the title and subtitle, as well as the first screenshot highlighting the app’s star features, EPIK’s developers are effectively leveraging the parts of their app that are driving the most downloads and highlighting them in their listing.

Find Your App Niche

When it comes to app marketing (or marketing in general), going broad rarely yields the results you want. However, picking a specific niche in a market helps you pinpoint a segment of a market that can be oftentimes ignored by competitors. Fave and EPIK leveraged the power of niche marketing by highlighting features they believed would resonate most with their users. Time will tell if they can continue their upward trajectory and continue capitalizing on their app store growth.

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