Walmart Mobile App, Foxconn Hiring For iPhone Production & Google Play Store Update - ASO Weekly

November 20th, 2022

Walmart Mobile App, Foxconn Hiring For iPhone Production & Google Play Store Update - ASO Weekly
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

Some of the country’s largest companies are making big moves regarding mobile apps, from Walmart announcing its commitment to mobile app experiences, Google detailing updates from its recent November 2022 Google System Update, and Foxconn successfully achieving its production hiring goal to keep up with iPhone 14 demand for the holiday season.

Walmart Focuses on Apps

The retail giant is no stranger to mobile apps, having been live in the app stores for over a decade. Staying relevant over such a long span of time relies on more than just brand recognition. From adding geofencing technology to incorporating grocery features, and highlighting them in their metadata and creative sets, Walmart has made moves to maintain its top 5 ranking position in the Shopping category. From the company’s most recent investor call, Walmart is looking to continue innovating with more new mobile app features.

With individuals spending considerable time on their phones, businesses have all the more reason to invest in a mobile app strategy. One 2020 study covering mobile app usage found that Americans spend over 4 hours on their devices daily, with 88% of that time on mobile apps. This statistic further solidifies the notion that companies should incorporate an app into their business model and not just a mobile website. Couple this with Zippia estimating 2022’s total mobile app revenue to increase by about 27.8% to $170 billion, and developers can find plenty of opportunities to increase their revenue by developing – or if already published – maintaining a quality mobile app.

Features coming out for Walmart’s mobile app include AR capabilities, an Amazon-like ‘Buy Now’ option, as well as virtual queues which look to be a game changer for holiday shoppers.

The business case for building a better in-app experience is clear to Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillan, who stated “We're also seeing more digital engagements with customers, more app downloads, more users, people shopping more frequently,” during Walmart’s most recent investor call.

Walmart will want to announce its new set of features to users and a great way to do this would be by optimizing its app listing. The retailer’s developers can leverage ASO tools and technology to perform early a/b tests in their screenshots and evaluate what metadata and creative elements lead to higher conversions. By testing early, they can hone in on exactly what app listing variants work in time for the holiday shopping season.

In-app events are also powerful tools Walmart’s developers can use to showcase new and exciting features. Through In-App Events, Walmart can let new, existing, and even lapsed users know what sets its app apart from the competition during the busiest – and most competitive – shopping time of the year.

Foxconn Hires Over 100,000 Workers

Developers prepare – more users are coming to iPhone soon. Apple up until recently was suffering supply chain constraints and needed to find a way to increase its workforce to meet demand in time for Black Friday. Luckily, Foxconn was able to meet its hiring quota and onboard over 100,000 new workers to its largest factory.

What does this mean for app developers? With new users looking to get their hands on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, and with the infrastructure now in place to get them built and shipped, publishers should look to their current App Store Optimization strategy and how it can be fine-tuned to the soon-to-be iPhone 14 user. Even if there are no specific new changes to an app, Apple now allows for 6.7” iPhone 14 screenshots which, while optional, can show users the app is up-to-date for their device. This is a great area to show if an app uses any Dynamic Island features, further emphasizing optimization for the iPhone 14.

Google Play Introduces Update Reminders

Ever had an app crash and wondered, “what happened?” While a user could take the time to check the Play Store to see if they’re on the latest bug-free version of the app, it’s much easier to do nothing and not open the app again. Fortunately, the most recent Google System Update may have a solution for this issue.

As part of their November 2022 update, Google aims to help users mitigate avoidable crashes by introducing prompts. These notifications will remind users to update an app that crashes. It’s unclear at the time of writing how the notification will prompt users or how it will be timed – whether at the launch of a new update or when Google detects a crash – but it provides an actionable solution that involves less steps for the end-user.

On the developer’s end, having a quality app experience is always a priority. Aside from negative reviews and ratings, high crash rates can lead to poor Play Store performance. Google’s ranking algorithm factors a “Bad Behavior” crash rate threshold of 1.06% into its algorithm, and exceeding this threshold may result in lower placement in search results and category ranking. Moreover, an app with high crash rates may be passed up for featuring consideration by Google.

While reviews and ratings can be a good indicator of performance, using a crash rate threshold as part of its placement consideration helps Google serve quality apps to Play Store users, so they have a positive experience. The latest system update allows developers to get the updated version of their app in front of users, so long as any bugs are addressed quickly. Frequently checking Core Vitals in the Developer Console, identifying common trends in reviews and ratings using ASO software, and responding to users all remain great ways to keep quality indicators up. Keep in mind that this update isn’t a magic fix. Developers will need to ensure that the latest version users are directed to is also free from crashes.

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