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Gnome Escape is the mobile app marketing channel that helps
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Our marketing channel focuses on improving organic downloads by increasing reviews and ratings in iTunes.
This is more important than ever before because reviews and ratings directly impact your rank in app store search based on the keywords you select for your app.

Why Choose Gnome Escape?

Including Gnome Escape in your mobile app marketing plan helps your app find its audience by increasing user feedback, ratings and buzz in the App Store.

" ratings now influencing rankings..." as read on
I need a calendar app, but there are so many. Which one should I download?
Wow, a lot of people are saying this app is good- I'll check it out.
When users find your mobile app or game in the App Store they decide to download based on feedback and reviews from other users.
Developers typically see 3x-10x organic growth after working with us.

It's time to include Gnome Escape in your mobile app promotions
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How It Works on Gnome Escape

  • Gnome Escape promotes 15 mobile apps each week on its featured list

  • Users browse the list where we promote mobile apps and download apps that interest them

  • We remind our users to leave a review after they download a featured app

  • We are trusted because Gnome Escape is an effective mobile app marketing channel.

  • Gnome Escape promotes organic growth and is compliant with Apple T&C's.

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We are trusted by thousands of app developers who promote mobile apps with Gnome Escape.

We are trusted because Gnome Escape is an effective mobile app marketing channel.  

More than 70% of our users who download a promoted mobile app also leave a review. We don't force our users to leave a review and our process is entirely organic.

We also don't influence the content of reviews – users are free to leave whatever feedback they choose about an app.

Promoting mobile apps with Gnome Escape delivers more than downloads or installs – we create the buzz that your app needs to be successful.

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