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3 common ASO do’s & don’ts – what you need to know


App marketing is a competition to get your app discovered and downloaded, and a fierce competition at that – a single slip can cost you users. Do you know what mistakes to avoid? App Store Optimization (ASO) helps apps rise up in search rankings, gain more users and turn greater profits. That is, so long as you understand the best practices.

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The Importance of App Store Optimization


Apps are valuable assets for businesses of all sizes. From the largest of tech companies to indie startups, having a mobile app can make a significant difference for your business. That is – as long as people can find the app. App Store Optimization (ASO) can make the difference between your app being a success and being hidden deep in the search results. How does ASO work, and how can you make the most of it? Let’s explore the importance and key factors to App Store Optimization.

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App Store Optimization Strategies: Scaling Shopping Apps


If you have a shopping app, your app must be the first product you sell to users. Without reaching customers and getting them to download your app, you won’t be able to sell anything to anyone. Just like a product needs an engaging listing and advertisements to sell, an app needs to be marketed properly. That is what App Store Optimization strategies are for.

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App Store Optimization – How to Take Advantage of New Territories to Unlock New Ad Inventory


When thinking about expanding your reach and scaling up your in-app monetization, finding new growth opportunities is key. This can include expanding your app to new territories. In order to properly launch your app and marketing in new regions, the best practices of App Store Optimization (ASO) can help improve your marketing strategy and increase your global reach.

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How to measure the impact of ASO


You’ve just begun your App Store Optimization. You’ve followed all the ASO best practices, researched your keywords and worked to develop optimized store listings. Now it’s time to see the results.

One new question then arises: how do you know it’s working?

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Apple Search Ads: the secret to paid app marketing


In paid marketing, does spending more money automatically equate to more success? While it can be easy to think “the more you give, the more you get,” the truth is a little more complicated. Paid marketing such as Apple Search Ads only works if your ads are served and convert users, which is where App Store Optimization comes in.

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App Marketing Ideas: How Wellness Apps Can Adapt to Seasonal Changes


Are you ready to rise in the wellness and fitness app markets? If you want to succeed, you need to master your app marketing. While there may always be a demand for fitness and wellness, are there seasonal impacts that developers can take advantage of?

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How to increase visibility and conversion for your app in the App Store and Google Play


In this interactive workshop you'll learn how to increase visibility and conversion for your app in the App Store and Google Play. Ask your burning ASO questions and learn from successful case studies from one of the pioneers of app store marketing.

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Mobile App Marketing Mishaps: Why Your Organic Marketing Didn’t Work


Oftentimes, developers find their mobile app marketing plan simply isn’t working. Why is that? Did they make a mistake along the way? Were they unknowingly using bad data to guide their decisions? If so, what can be done to fix it?

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Misconceptions on how App Store Optimization works


How much do you really know about App Store Optimization? The truth is you might only have a piece of the whole puzzle. Many easily available articles will describe ASO as “ranking for keywords.” Others will emphasize “updating icons.” The truth is, it’s those things and much more.

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ASO Marketing: Creating a Stronger Organic Top of Funnel


ASO marketing (App Store Optimization) is a key strategy for increasing the organic visibility for a mobile app on the App Store and Google Play Store. Users gained through organic search on the app stores typically demonstrate the most engagement. In order to best acquire users, proper App Store Optimization marketing requires a cohesive funnel incorporating optimized metadata and creative assets, built using accurate data sets.

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4 App Store Optimization Best Practices to Remain Competitive in 2020


App Store Optimization (ASO) has changed over the years, bringing rise to new marketing channels and best practices. Generating impressions and installs in today’s market takes more than simply updating your keywords with terms that have worked in the past or hiring an Instagram influencer as your full marketing strategy. If you want to remain competitive in 2020, here are a few modern techniques used by some of the world’s leading ASO experts.

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App Store Optimization Workshop - Dave Bell (CEO at Gummicube)


A workshop by Dave Bell - CEO at Gummicube. What App Store Optimization Techniques are working right now? What are the most successful apps doing? Ask Your ASO Questions.

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Is your ASO tool cut out for the job?


There are a number of App Store Optimization (ASO) tools on the market, but unfortunately, not all of them are up to the task. A good ASO platform should be trustworthy and provide the data and features that developers require for proper App Store Optimization, but there are some out there that will not include all the information you need. This is why not every ASO tool on the market is right for you, and why you need to find one that will get the job done.

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Unlocking the door to app marketing


While there are many ways to market an app, from social media to news articles to influencers, none has as much of an impact as App Store Optimization (ASO).

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4 ASO tips for staying safe during an app store change


Since the creation of the App Store, Apple has continually found ways to revamp its platform, releasing new features such as new categories, Apple Search Ads and Dark Mode. We have seen that at times with certain releases, the App Store is impacted and rankings across the store become volatile.

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4 Common App Store Optimization Mistakes


Sometimes, a marketing campaign can yield poor results. This could be due to bad data or poor methodology, but the end result is the same. Experiencing lackluster metrics on a campaign is not the end of the road, but may rather be an opportunity to learn from what happened and what needs to be adjusted.

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ASO Essentials with David Bell, CEO and Co-founder of Gummicube


Today’s guest is David Bell, co-founder and CEO of Gummicube, which is a provider of App Store Optimization (ASO) and App Store Intelligence (ASI) software and services to marketers and developers. David describes what and how to build, market, and optimize products and apps by avoiding common mistakes.

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If ASO didn’t work for you, here’s what probably happened


App Store Optimization, like any marketing channel, requires proper execution to achieve the best results. At Gummicube, we’ve been working in the ASO industry for over a decade. We’ve also heard plenty of horror stories from developers pre-Gummicube. We wanted to break down several common themes between them to identify common causes behind lackluster ASO strategies, so that you can learn from these mistakes and avoid repeating them yourself.

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Optimizing An App For The Holidays


The holiday season is a big time for apps to maximize their installs. Whether it is for New Year’s, Halloween or Christmas, aligning an app store optimization strategy with an approaching holiday can help with increasing its visibility and conversion during that period.

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Common ASO misconceptions


The iOS App Store and Google Play Store have evolved over the years, and App Store Optimization has changed with them. An ASO strategy that worked well in 2011 will be out of date today. Something that has remained consistent, however, are several misconceptions about App Store Optimization. Understanding what ASO is, how it works and what needs to be done to achieve success will put you in a better position to grow your app.

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Preparing Your Mobile Game’s ASO for Launch


Launching a new mobile game is an exciting time – all your hard work has led up to this moment of truth. The work doesn’t stop once your game launches, though. After the game goes live, the next step is to get the app in front of players and get them to install it.

One great way to attract users is through App Store Optimization (ASO). By using ASO best practices and taking the time to prepare a good strategy, a mobile game can start off strong and increase its chances of acquiring players. ASO also provides long-term benefits that can help mobile games continue to grow after launch, which can be difficult to maintain with paid marketing alone.

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Optimizing for dark mode to save your app conversion


The App Store is going dark, in a literal way. In iOS 13, Apple introduced Dark Mode, which allows users to switch the phone’s UI from white to black. The App Store’s UI changes in Dark Mode as well, so from the Today Tab, to category rankings, to search, no app is safe from the dark. With that in mind, it is important for app developers to consider how their app appears in Dark Mode to ensure the best conversion possible.

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Maximising App Installs Through Organic ASO & Paid Marketing


When marketing your app through App Store Optimization, you can help your app secure traction by supporting your organic efforts with paid marketing. For this to work, it’s important that you understand the influence certain channels can have on your organic efforts. In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between paid marketing and organic growth, as well as provide suggestions on marketing channels to consider.

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Tips for A/B Testing on Google Play Experiments


For Android app developers, Google Play Experiments can provide valuable insights and help increase installs. Running a well-designed and well-planned A/B test can make the difference between a user installing your app or a competitor’s. However, there are many instances where tests have been improperly run. These mistakes can work against an app and hurt its performance.

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Understanding the App Store metrics


Being able to measure the impact of your App Store Optimization is necessary for its success. Analyzing and interpreting the data from the App Store will let you understand where your app is succeeding and how it can grow further. In order to measure your ASO impact, you must first be able to understand how App Store Connect reports metrics and what data is reported.

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Mobile Gaming: Will Indie Game Developers Thrive in 2020?


Is there a future for indie game developers to succeed? For some time now, there’s been speculation around there still being a place for indie developers to thrive with large studios further entering mobile. It’s an interesting topic as big brand titles like Gundam Battles, Pokemon Masters and Arena of Valor are competing head to head with indie studios for top app store rankings. Speculation aside, these are a few reasons why indie developers will continue to thrive in 2020, along with tips on how they can compete.

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Improving App Store Conversion Through A/B Testing


Launching an app is one challenge but getting users to install it is another struggle altogether. The app needs to appeal to users from the moment they click on its page in the App Store or Play Store – you’ll want every visual aspect of your app to look good. In order to succeed, you’ll need to optimize your app’s page for conversions and refine it to get the best performance possible. One good way to succeed in this is through A/B testing.

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Optimizing for the United States holidays


Leveraging the holiday season for your app can be a great way to drive in extra conversions. In the United States, this can mean building relevance for national holidays like Halloween or Christmas. You don’t have to limit it to holidays either – building relevance around seasons and seasonal events (like Summer vacation and back-to-school) can also help your app grow.

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Does Optimizing In-App Purchases Really Help Your App's ASO?


Apple allows in-app purchases to appear in app store search results, but are they really the new "gold mine" for ASO? Our host Peggy Anne Salz welcomes back Dave Bell, CEO of Gummicube--a company offers a suite of software and services to drive decision making around mobile product development, mobile marketing and app store optimization--to talk about new developments impacting ASO.

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Gearing up your ASO for Q4


Q4 is right around the corner. This means increased competition in the App Store Optimization space for indie developers, startups and enterprise companies alike. Competing for keywords in search will take extra effort during the competitive season, both for organic keyword rankings and Search Ads placement. With that in mind, here are a few ways developers and marketers can start preparing for this coming period.

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Preoptimizing an App for Launch


So you’ve built an app, and it is nearly time to launch it. The next step will be getting the app in front of users, but you can prepare for that even before the app goes live. One of the most cost-effective and efficient methods is through App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO is the process of improving an app’s discoverability on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and unlike many other marketing tactics, it can be used before and after the launch. When an app is not yet live, you can prepare for a strong launch by pre-optimizing.

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How to Start Maximising App Impressions & Conversions


Success on the App Store and Google Play Store is not a matter of chance. It takes effort to make an app succeed, but the work is well worth it. Marketers can propel an app to the top of the keyword rankings by using the right data, researching market trends, designing creative sets that convert, improving with new iterations and running efficient paid campaigns.

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Why Does ASO Matter for App Store Success


Building an app is the first half of the battle, the other is marketing it – so where do you begin? From social media to press releases to deep linking, there are so many ways to market your app, but one key method is through App Store Optimization (ASO). ASO involves studying how the App Store and Play Store algorithms work, then using those insights to help your app get discovered within them.

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App Store Optimization in 2019


Dave Bell from Gummicube spoke at App Promotion Summit New York 2019 about “App Store Optimization in 2019”.

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3 Tips for Increasing App Installs


Acquiring users helps your app grow. The more users you can reach, the better your app will fare in the app stores. This is what makes App Store Optimization so vital to an app’s success.

Your ASO foundation creates the lifeline for your app, which is why you need to build it with best practices. Among these best practices are updating metadata, A/B testing and incorporated deep linking. Here’s why they’re so essential for your app’s success.

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How to Rebound from Performance Drops


Testing is an important aspect of App Store Optimization – it provides valuable insights on what appeals to users and drives conversions. As testing will demonstrate, not every change is necessarily for the better, but failure can provide information as valuable as a success.

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2019 Mobile App Growth Trends


When Apple’s App Store first launched in July 2008, there were only a few hundred apps available. A decade later and that number has skyrocketed to around 2 million – 4 million if you count Google Play. As the app stores and competition continue to mature, developers need to stay up to date with mobile trends if they’re to get their apps discovered.

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iOS App Store Optimization – 2010 vs 2020


The mobile ecosystem is undergoing big changes. This is especially clear in the wake of WWDC 2019, which introduced several new developments. From iOS 13 to Apple Arcade to changes in attribution policy, where the App Store goes from here will be interesting to see. With all the changes ahead, we wanted to look back and highlight how the App Store – and how apps are optimized within it – has changed over the past decade.

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How Apple Search Ads Work


Building an app is a fantastic achievement, but the work doesn’t stop there. The next step is marketing, which can present a new set of challenges. There are several ways to launch an app marketing campaign, from Facebook and App Store Optimization to influencer marketing, but one great channel for iOS apps is Apple Search Ads (ASA). Apple has stated that 70% of app discoverability happens from the Search tab in the App Store, which makes ads within search results a prime channel for traffic. To increase your chances of success through Apple Search Ads, we’ve outlined a few key notes to consider.

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App Marketing to Consider Before Launch


As you prepare to launch your app, you’ll want to consider how you’re going to market it. One of the best ways to begin your marketing is with App Store Optimization - the process of optimizing an app’s presence through metadata, creative sets, descriptions, paid marketing and more.

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Still struggling for installs? Here’s what could be going wrong


Is your app not seeing the download numbers you’d like? Developers can often feel frustrated when, in spite of their best marketing efforts, their apps still seem to be reaching just a small group. There are a number of reasons why an app might not get installed, including using web data rather than mobile data, updating keywords before they’re fully indexed, or simply not maximizing the metadata fields. Here are some underlying factors that could hold back your downloads:

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App Store Optimization Companies Leaderboard


The number one goal for every app brand marketing manager is to connect her / his app with as many loyal app users as possible. This effort starts once the app is on the market and continues as long as it stays on the App Store of Google Play marketplace. App Store Optimization is in the heart of this ongoing effort.

On this Leaderboard we’ve put together the best ASO agencies or app marketing companies that offer App Store Optimization service as a part of their services portfolio. These companies are ranked based on the number of employees they have on staff, all information presented on the table was taken from a third-party open sources.

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How to Pre-optimize Your Mobile App Before Launch


While preparing for an app’s launch, it’s key to consider how it’s going to be marketed.

Pre-optimization is one way to do just that. Pre-optimization is an App Store Optimization practice where you research and build out the app’s metadata and creative sets in an effort to maximize indexation, impressions and conversion upon launch. With 70% of app discovery happening in search, pre-optimization can help lay the foundation to your app’s marketing as you start to scale.

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Increase Visibility Using Google Play's Developer Page


Gaining visibility on Google Play can often be more of a challenge than on the Apple App Store. Google Play’s algorithm looks at an app’s title, short description and long description when it determines what keywords to rank it for. As there is no declared keyword bank, unlike the App Store, it’s critical that developers use the keywords that users search for when describing their app’s features, gameplay and value. With that said, developers can improve their visibility by creating a Developer Page.

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App Store Optimization Insights 2019


Today app marketers are forced to fight two battles simultaneously – a competition with other apps on the App Store and Google Play marketplace and a competition for people’s attention on the screens of their smartphones and tablets. With so many things people need to juggle on a daily basis and giant attention grabbers like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, it’s a small wonder that they run with just a few apps to commit the bulk of their attention to. It is notoriously hard to win that small chunk of people’s attention.

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Why Getting Featured In The App Store Isn’t The Sure-Fire Way To Achieve Success


They say three is a charm, and in the third episode of our series Dave Bell, Co-Founder, and CEO of Gummicube--a company providing App Store Optimization and App Store Intelligence software and services to growth marketers and app developers--we cut through the hype to focus on the tactics you can employ to drive discoverability of your app. Guess what? Getting featured in the app store isn’t one of them.

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How to run an effective screenshot A/B test


When you launch your app, you want everything to appeal to your users as much as possible. Every screenshot should perfectly display your app’s features and points of pride in a polished and visually engaging manner – but how can you be sure your creative set does that? In order to ensure your screenshots are as effective as possible, you’ll want to A/B test them. Here are some important points to remember when running your A/B test.

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How To Increase An Android App’s Google Play Rankings In 2019


The mobile market is constantly growing more competitive. Thousands of apps launch every day, and users searching for apps find a virtually unlimited number of options. The best way for an app to reach users is through search, since 70% of app discoverability occurs there. As such, marketers will want to use the best practices for App Store Optimization if they want to stay competitive in 2019.

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SEO vs ASO: Why Do You Need Two Strategies?


Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization are not the same thing and should not be approached the same way. While they are based on organic traffic, user searches and keywords, getting a website to rank on the web is vastly different from getting an app to rank in the app stores.

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Pros of optimizing an app before launch


It’s never too early to start optimizing an app. Even if your app is still being developed, pre-optimization can provide you with a solid foundation for when you launch. App Store Optimization maximizes an app’s growth, reach and conversions within the App Store and Google Play Store, so the best time to begin optimizing is before the app even launches.

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ASO marketing trends for Indie developers


While the first step towards mobile success is developing your app, the first hurdle it faces after launching is getting discovered. Some indie developers may be fortunate enough to get featured on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but for most, it’s difficult to get time in the spotlight. Others have tried using category rankings and affiliate programs, but those channels have diminished in recent years or been removed altogether. So how can an indie app get discovered now? Those that are looking to succeed and get discovered have turned to App Store Optimization – here’s how they do it.

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Using ASO to Grow Your Mobile App Audience


Your mobile app has launched or is getting close to it. This is excellent news, but the work doesn’t end there. Teams must also find ways to grow the app’s visibility and get users. The key to growing a mobile app’s audience is through App Store Optimization (ASO).

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Search, the future of App Store discovery


Over the past few months, the App Store has been making big announcements, from Sirikit, to the new Search Ads territories, to the $1.22B it made during the holidays. But there is one key change happening in the App Store many haven’t noticed. In 2008, top category rankings were one of the best ways to get found, but in 2019, top keyword rankings are more critical to getting discovered. The problem is many don’t understand how to increase their keyword rankings and are missing out on prime traffic because of it. Here are some tips you can begin using to ensure you are working to scale your app.

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How Bugsee Can Help Protect Your Mobile App Rankings


The user experience is golden. Without the user, a mobile app cannot succeed. This is why it is important to ensure bugs do not drive users away. Bugs ruin the user experience and damage the developer’s brand. Users with low patience and high standards are quick to leave nasty reviews and uninstall. Additionally, in an effort to protect their users, the App Store and Google Play Store will reduce an app’s rankings if it has too many performance issues. Ultimately, bugs can sabotage an app’s success.

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Why you are paying too much for Apple Search Ads


Over the past year, Apple has been pushing Search Ads more and more. Apple released new territories, bid suggestions and recently updated their reporting tools to help with mobile marketing campaigns. And while this is great, we understand there is a large sum of app developers, marketers and publishers who are still paying way too high for their CPIs.

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Gummicube predictions: 3 top ASO trends to jump in 2019


With 2019 approaching, we’re seeing the App Store Optimization landscape change rapidly. Here are Gummicube’s predictions on some of the biggest ASO changes coming in 2019.

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Master Organic Search to Boost Mobile Discovery and Fuel Growth in 2019


Forget your singular approach on optimizing your ASO strategy to take a top-notch spot in Top 100 rankings. Your users are searching for apps differently, increasing the importance of organic search and finding new ways to find the keywords and concepts that genuinely resonate with your audience.

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ASO mistakes big brands make everyday


The App Store is 10 years old now, but despite all the information out there, several big brands still fall short on their ASO execution. So much so that it’s no surprise when you see an indie developer outranking some of Silicon Valley’s finest. Here are a few ways in which some of the strongest brands – such as Snapchat, Evernote, Star Wars and Target – are underperforming.

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How testing your app early helps protect your Play Store ranking


When it comes to developing apps, the user experience is vital. It’s one of the core aspects of an app that can set it apart from the competition. With thousands of apps launched daily, developers want to make sure they stand out by giving users the best experience possible. Unfortunately, bugs present a challenge that cause the downfall of many apps.

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Getting Your App Found in the App Store During Black Friday


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner. Not only are people looking forward to the food and time off, but also the deals (oh the sweet deals). For ecommerce companies, this is the start of the holiday rush—the time to start cashing in on users cashing in on sales and clearances. There will surely be competition in the mobile space during this time.

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How to grow your mobile app in a saturated market


From shared mile tracking apps, to learning how to code, to setting up vegetarian diet plans, if you can think of something, there’s most likely an app for that. Actually, there’s a lot of apps for that. Thousands of apps are launched daily on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and there are a lot more copies than innovative ones. As a result, some people are starting to think that the mobile space is too saturated to grow in. This is not the case.

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5 Reasons Why Users Install Your Competitor's Apps


App developers are constantly struggling to keep their audience away from competitor apps and retention rates high. They’re thinking about their users’ needs and wants on a daily basis, but it just isn’t enough to keep them using their app.

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2018 ASO Strategy — 6 Key Tips


The app ecosystem experiences new changes year-to-year, which causes app developers to formulate new strategies to make their app visible to users. Whether those changes include Apple reducing the character limit for app names or Google removing the feature graphic, developers must factor these into their App Store Optimization strategy.

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6 ASO Mistakes Developers Can't Afford to Make


Once an app is finished and ready for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, developers face a new challenge: how does an app get noticed? The trick to that is App Store Optimization (ASO). There are several best practices for ensuring an app is properly optimized for whichever store it’s on, but there are also several mistakes that can be easily avoided. To ensure your ASO strategy will work properly, here are six ASO mistakes developers can’t afford to make.

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iOS 12 Shortcuts & Deep linking: Developers Should Consider Siri's Apps During Development


Virtual assistants from Cortana, to Alexa, to Google Assistant are becoming more integrated in our lives each and every day. From dictating and sending text messages through our smartwatch, to telling our smart home device to change the temperature, AI is a bigger part of our digital lifestyles. Now with the release of iOS 12, so is the Apple assistant, Siri.

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Why users aren't downloading your app - and what you can do about it


Low download numbers are a problem for any app – it means that users either aren’t seeing the app, or they’re seeing it and not liking it. Fortunately, it’s not an insurmountable issue – there are many factors that could lead to low download numbers, and each of them can be addressed.

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Apple Search Ads: Then vs Now


In 2016, Apple introduced a new program called Search Ads that would drastically change the way users found apps. In fact, 65% of apps are found through app store search, meaning that Search Ads is an invaluable tool that developers can utilize to improve their app’s visibility.

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App Store Optimization: Common Pitfalls to Avoid


The app ecosystems are teeming with millions of apps that are just waiting to be downloaded. With high competition, apps often face the troubling situation of getting noticed. While there are many different tips and tricks on how to improve install rates, the most beneficial strategy is App Store Optimization (ASO).

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Mastering the Art of Social Media Marketing


Social media can be a strange frontier for those unfamiliar with it. There are so many social networks and so many different demographics utilizing them in different ways, careful planning and research is essential for a proper social media strategy. App Store Optimization helps users find an app in the store, converts users and mode, marketing helps drive users to search for it in the first place.

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ASO Hacks that Move the Needle in a Crowded Marketplace


The app stores are competitive environments, and any competitive edge developers can get can make the difference between a hit app and a major miss. App Store Optimization (ASO) can provide that edge, with best practices to ensure an app will both appear organically in searches and appeal to users. Beyond the ASO basics, there are further tips and tricks that can help provide the best boost possible in the Apple App Store.

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ASO Tips and Tricks for Gaming Apps


The global mobile gaming market is projected to generate more than $137.9 billion in revenue in 2018. Mobile games make up a majority of the nearly 6 million apps on both the Apple App Stores and Google Play Store, and it’s clear that game and app developers are taking advantage of this ever-popular app category, leading to an overpopulated app ecosystem.

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ASO Best Practices: Debunking The Myths To Drive Results For Your App


Sweeping changes across the app stores may give a slight boost to discoverability, but they also turn up the pressure on app developers and marketers to get smarter about ASO (App Store Optimization). The drive to interrogate the data and the determination to ask the right questions are essential, and so is a firm grasp of ASO best practices.

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App Development Trends in 2018: What's the Next Big Thing?


The app ecosystem is always changing thanks to technology and consumer behavior that leads to new trends. Keeping up with the latest advances is important for app development as well as App Store Optimization (ASO) – developers should always be working toward improving their app. Let’s review some of the latest growing trends in app development that developers will want to capitalize on.

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2018 ASO Strategy - 7 Key Tips


The app ecosystem experiences new changes year-to-year, which causes app developers to formulate new strategies to make their app visible to users. Whether those changes include Apple reducing the character limit for app names or Google removing the feature graphic, developers must factor these into their App Store Optimization strategy.

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ASO Missteps: What Mistakes Are You Making?


App Store Optimization (ASO) makes the difference between a successful app and one that lingers in obscurity. It’s the key to getting noticed in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and is the driving force that motivates potential users to hit "install."

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Importance of Creatives for Paid Campaigns


In the digital age, mobile marketers have user acquisition strategies down to a science. This “science,” can sometimes dismiss the art of creating stellar images while worrying about various campaign details. While targeting, timing and budget are all equally important for a successful advertisement, creatives take the cake. In fact, research has shown that a staggering 75% of a campaign’s brand and success is determined by the quality of its creatives.

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How Your ASO Strategy Can Work Alongside SEO


App Store Optimization (ASO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might sound like two sides of the same coin, but don’t be fooled. While they share some similarities, the two are very different and work to attract an entirely different set of users.

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Quality vs. Quantity of Mobile App Users


It wasn’t long ago that the volume of downloads an app received determined its ranking in the App Store and Google Play Store. Users who clicked the “install” button were a determining factor of an app’s success. Due to the ever-changing app store algorithms, installs alone no longer weighs as much for determining an app’s ranking as they have in the past.

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Common App Store Optimization pitfalls and how to avoid them


Making an app is hard, but getting it noticed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store can be an even more difficult task. Optimizing your metadata is the biggest hurdle to getting noticed and finding users.

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Sharing is Caring A Look at the Sharing Economy


Did you know that the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles? Or that the largest provider of rooming accommodations doesn’t have any real estate whatsoever? If you’re a frequent user of mobile apps, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

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Mobile App Marketing: 7 Tips for User Acquisition and Retention


Marketing a mobile app takes more than just letting friends, family and social followers know that it exists, it takes dedication and a strong marketing plan. This article lists 7 strategies to help you increase downloads and grow your audience.

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Catching the Viral Loop to Increase Visibility


Some apps never seem to stop growing and it feels as though nothing can stop them. Many consider this the luck of "going viral", but is it possible for other app developers repeat their success? This article talks about the Viral Loop and steps an app can take to reach this type of success.

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The Top 6 Factors that Effect Retention Rates


In the mobile app industry, everything developers do should be with the user in mind. However, many focus on user acquisition and forget that the users they acquire can have little impact if they don't stick around for the long haul. Here are 6 factors that effect retention.

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The Power of Incorporating Seasonality for Creatives


When you’re searching for the right app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, what are your eyes immediately drawn to? While everyone is different, most can’t help but divert their attention to what instantly catches their eye. In the app stores, this typically requires having unique and attractive creatives.

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AR & VR Gaming Made $4B Last Year, but That's Only Scratching the Surface


It's no surprise that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have grown into a booming industry. These apps can bring a user to a whole other world, or bring a bit of our imagination into ours. This article takes a look at the current state of the industry and where it's headed.

(I think it's over rated tho)

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ASO: 5 Ways Developers Can Compete with Category Leaders


One look at the app store and you might be wondering how anyone can compete with the “big boys”, but the truth is many of the category leaders are not backed by major companies. Follow these 5 tips to help your app rise in the ranks and compete with the leaders in your category.

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Why Businesses Need to Leverage Apps


The demand for mobile-friendly businesses has hit an all-time high and is only going to continue to rise. Users are demanding businesses take a mobile-first approach, or be passed by. This doesn't just mean a mobile-friendly website_, but also creating an app that users can download and have with them when they need it.

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7 Things That Could Kill Your App Marketing Campaign


Mobile marketing is an amazing tool that allows even those with a limited budget to get in front of thousands of potential users. If you plan and execute a great strategy you're all but guaranteed to see a positive ROI. However, the wrong strategy could lead to a great loss of time and money.

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Amazon App Store Vs. Google Play Store: What are the differences?


When it comes to Android devices, most users don’t realize they have a choice of where to get their apps. While the most common marketplace is the Google Play Store, other app stores have become popular over the past few years. Of these alternatives, the Amazon’s App Store, which comes as the default App Store on all Fire devices, is by far the most well-known.

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5 Mobile Marketing Tips Small Businesses Need to Know


Understanding how to leverage mobile marketing to increase your online presence and visibility to new potential users is important. In fact, with the current trends of mobile-first, it is necessary. This article goes over 5 tips to help any small business get where they need to be.

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Growth marketing toolbox 107: App Store Optimization


Dave Bell was on the Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast talking about ASO. He talks in depth about ASO best practices, how to rank higher, and gives his recommendations on good tools to use for mobile app marketing.

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Leveraging Mobile Apps to Boost Retailers' Bottom Lines


As m-commerce grows, so does best practices for retailers. Knowing which channels to promote your retail app in and how to best position it is the key to bringing in more shoppers. This is a great article to help understand the direction e-commerce is going and why every retailer needs an app.

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A solid ASO strategy is important, but it's not always enough to understand only what to do right, but also what you should avoid. Pay attention to these 5 ASO mistakes that could cost you visibility and, ultimately, the success of your app.

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Marketing Your App for the Holidays


Since the holiday season saw its largest revenue to date last year, it's important that developers start utilizing ASO now to help their app become more visible for specific holiday-related terms.

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3 Best Practices for Apple App Store Optimization iOS11


Despite it being simple to find apps, developers need to make sure their app is easily discoverable and with the release of iOS11, following the updated App Store Optimization (ASO) best practices will assure their app's success in the App Store.

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App Creatives and Reviews: Why it's More Important Than Ever


Developers cannot afford to overlook any area of their metadata and need to make sure that their creatives are engaging and that their users are paying attention to in order to successfully convert.

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Why DIY Is a Space Begging to Be Disrupted


Since the early 2000s, we've witnessed a string of disruptive technologies, services, and apps that have shaken up their respective industries and most of the revenues stem from DIY projects that revolve around home decor and improvement.

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Retail apps are the second fastest growing sector in the world right after gaming apps. In fact, mobile is expected to become the No. 1 online sales channel for retailers in the UK in the coming years. Here is a list of marketing essentials that retailers can follow to see their customer base and revenue improve.

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App Store Optimization: How To Adjust Your Creatives For Search Ad Conversions


Developers who use Search Ads do need to ensure that their App Store listings are optimized successfully in order to help them rank higher for search terms than their competitors.

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The Guide to Optimizing Your Search Ads


Before considering Search Ads, it's crucial to develop a campaign with a firm understanding of how ASO works to ensure your Search Ads will stand out among competitors, and guarantee your campaign is a success.

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Top 5 Strategies for Marketing Your Mobile App


App Store Optimization (ASO) is an essential marketing tool that can be utilized by developers to help maximize their app's visibility and target their audience quickly.

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How to Prepare Preview Videos for iOS 11


The App Store's new design not only affects how users traverse the store, but affects how they view apps and games. One way Apple is helping apps and games become more discoverable is by allowing developers to submit up to three preview videos, an important addition for App Store Optimization.

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How to Optimize Search Ads for Conversion


The only effective way to make sure you will have great Search Ads is by using App Store Optimization (ASO) to improve key aspects of your app's metadata and guarantee that your Search Ads are relevant to user searches.

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App Store Optimization: Why Creatives Lead to Successful Search Ads


For Search Ads to be effective, it is crucial for marketers and developers to incorporate an App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy to optimize their app's metadata and creatives based on real mobile data tends and user behavior in the app store.

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7 Crazy Simple Steps To Massively Increase Your App Downloads


You have an app that could be the next big thing in the App Store. The only problem? There are over 2 million apps that are currently circulating. This is why App Store Optimization is important. Here are 7 simple steps to effective ASO.

(yay listicles(

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Apple Search Ads: What You Need to Know


With the popularity of Search Ads there has been concern among developers that the service could potentially counteract or contradict existing App Store Optimization efforts. However, with the introduction of Search Ads, all App Store marketing now revolves around ASO.

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Marketing And Mobile: When The Union Makes The Force


Today, 77% of the US are equipped with a mobile phone and advertisers must now adapt to these new practices, and consider the mobile as a channel in its own right.

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With nearly 70 percent of downloads coming from searches within the app stores, developers need ASO to stand out against competitors and understand what users are looking for. There are simple steps to making a bullet-proof ASO strategy, and the steps are simple for any app developer to take advantage of.

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Boost your App's Conversion with Relevant Search Ads


App developers are constantly looking for ways to improve their conversion rates and make their app more discoverable. Search Ads are just one of the ways that developers can bring more users to their app, but strong ASO is still important.

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Holiday ASO


No matter how many optimizations you have performed beforehand, you will want to update one last time before the holidays to get your ranking as high as possible.

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Secret to understanding user behavior in the app store


The vast majority of mobile users who are looking to download an app already have a good idea of what they want. This means that the success of an app comes from understanding how your app stacks up in the search listings as well as understanding what users see when they search.

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The recent launch of Apple's Search Ads out of Beta


App Store Search Ads launched from beta on October 5, and immediately the advertisements began to appear in search results for the most popular queries, but even with Search Ads taking up screen space, achieving high rankings for popular search terms remains crucial for optimizing your app to reach a larger audience.

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Apple Starts Selling App Store Search Ads


App Store Optimization is more essential than ever in the age of ads. Whether you're planning on taking out ads that target high-volume keywords or simply hoping to launch your app to the number one spot and remain visible in search results for the terms that matter, your approach will depend on a good ASO strategy.

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35 Actionable App Marketing Tactics for Explosive Growth


These 35 app marketing tactics will give you a great head start and foundation on which you can construct additional, targeted campaigns as your budget allows.

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Infographic: App Store ASO


ASO can be intimidating at first, but soon keeping your app at the top of the rankings will be second nature. This infographic provides a crash course on ASO essentials, helping you to get cracking at optimizing your app today.

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Up to 90% of App Store Views Fail to Generate Installs – How to Join the 10%


Up to 90 percent of App Store page views don't lead to an install, even with A/B testing. But what many advocates overlook is the all-important difference between Apple and Android, and the ways that your testing platform itself can skew your results

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10 Absolute Must-Have Mobile App Marketing Tools


Using smarter tools to execute your mobile app marketing strategy is important. Here is a list of 10 tools we think are an absolute must-have in your toolkit.

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Why CPI doesn't work for ASO


In the world of mobile user acquisition, organic installs are extremely important. They not only help keep the eCPI (effective cost per install) down, but organic installs can also be the most active and profitable users for a mobile app.

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The Game Developer's App Store Optimization Cheat Sheet


When creating your game, stick to the following tips to ensure that you're discoverable by the most users possible.

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Testing Makes Perfect: 5 Ways to Test Your Apps for App Store Success


In order to avoid the risk of your app sitting in development limbo too long – we present to you five methods to efficiently test your app out and gather valuable actionable data as quickly as possible.

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5 ways to get more app downloads in 2016


If you want to convert viewers into users in the app stores, some major attention needs to be paid to your apps' listing. Check out these 5 steps to help get your app downloads.

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The Ultimate Pre-launch Checklist: Everything You Should Know to Make Your App Successful Before it Goes Live


Here are five strategies that you can implement immediately which will help you prepare for a successful launch.

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What Paid Search Discovery Could Mean for ASO


With a majority of users searching in the App Store and Google Play for apps and not on the web, paid search has not been a major factor. Now that Google has rolled out paid search in Google Play and Apple reportedly considering paid search in its App Store, this might potentially change – but the metrics behind paid clicks likely won't.

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Own your category -- 7 ways to set your app apart from the competition


We reveal 7 ways that any developer can set their app apart from the competition in the App Store and Google Play!

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Google Play Crosses 11.1 Billion Downloads In Q1 2016 – How To Get Your Share Of The Action


Optimizing your app for the Google Play Store is complex, but we've compiled a list of simple tips that will help you get started.

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Google Play and iOS: Different ASO strategies for each


This article unravels the different ASO strategies required for Google Play and Apple's App Store. It will help you understand how different the two are, allowing you to optimize your strategy for both.

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Opinion: Differences in Creative Optimization


Many app developers already know how important creative optimization is. Fewer developers realize how different the iOS App Store and Google Play Store can be when it comes to presentation of your creative elements.

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Unexpected User Experience Behavioral Trends Making Waves


With mobile becoming more advanced, user behavior is completely changing.

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Take Your App to the Next Level with These Simple Strategies


Mobile app marketing and promotion is different than marketing on the web and social media, but there are simple steps you can take to build a long-term competitive advantage.

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Here's How App Store Optimization Can Work for Your Brand


The abundance of apps within the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store makes them both great and scary places to run a business. Despite the plethora of choices, however, a brand can find a home and thrive in the app stores.

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How Web Data Kills App Store Optimization


The keywords that users use to search on the Web and those that they use in mobile are different. Relying on data from Google Web Search to optimize your app is kind of like relying on a map of Canada to traverse the United States.

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Creating Preview Videos: Your BFF for Getting App Downloads


An app preview video requires more work than simply recording the app in action.

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App Marketing Strategies That Have Changed the Industry


The mobile marketplace has matured very quickly since the early days in 2007 — so fast, in fact, that marketing techniques are just starting to catch up.

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3 Tricks For Preparing Your App For The Holidays


To maximize your app's visibility, especially during such a high-traffic time, your app needs app store optimization, a process in which an app's on-page elements (title, description, creative) are optimized for maximum visibility.

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Transformative Tips to Make Your App Move With the Customer


Acquiring more users is great, but the impact of app store optimization can be much greater than a peak in installs. ASO allows developers and publishers to target the audience that are more likely to be an app's loyal and long-term user.

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Why Data Should Guide Every Apps International Growth


Let's talk about the nuts and bolts of the optimization process.

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Make your App Store listing rock with these simple tricks


With App Store Optimization (ASO) and A/B testing, marketers can gain a new perspective and brand new data on how to market an app completely and organically.

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What You're Still Getting Wrong About App Store Optimization


Between Apple's “5 minutes to 5 days” app review timeline and the seemingly infinite time it takes to procure inbound traffic, it's easy to lose site of the big picture: Eyeballs are easy, and conversions take time.

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New App? Read The 3 Basics of App Store Optimization


As much as ASO guides are overused these days, some people are still afraid to jump in. Here are the basics.

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Optimizing Your App Listing for Conversion


Optimizing a mobile app store listing is more than targeting and ranking for keywords.

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Get Found: 3 Best App Store Optimization Practices for Mobile Marketers


The most important part of creating an app listing that moves your target audience through the app store funnel is first knowing what your target audience is looking for.

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App store optimization: climbing the app store rankings with organic marketing


Not only can ASO net you additional organic users, but it can also make your paid efforts more effective.

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App Store Search Terms and Clicks Can Help Retailers Best Position Their Apps


Many consumers looking for a shopping app in an app store know precisely what they want. But what about consumers who are browsing the app stores for shopping apps, who don't have specific retailers in mind?

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How to Optimize your App Store Listings


Acquiring relevant users should be the goal of any app store optimization effort. To find them, we need to focus on optimizing our app for discovery and conversion.

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Search Is The Key To App Store Black Boxes


App store discovery isn't like finding a needle in a haystack. It's more like finding a needle in a mountain of other needles.

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ASO Isn't SEO – And You Need To Know The Difference


If you have an app and want to optimize it, you need to focus on mobile – and ASO takes over where SEO leaves off.

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Mobile Big Data: The Hidden B2B Marketing Opportunity


Big data has always been big business, but the potential it holds for the mobile marketing industry is now growing faster than ever before.

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5 Imperative Reasons Why You Need App Marketing


With so much competition for app users, it's only natural for today's developers to spend the majority of their time endeavoring to improve app performance.

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Gummicube Emerges From Closed Beta


Gummicube, aside from winning the award for cutest name ever given to a big data company, has ended the closed beta period and launched its Datacube Platform.

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So here's our take...


So here's our take on exactly what you need to know about app store optimization.

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Getting Your App to Stand Out From The Crowd


Creating your own app is hard enough. Learning to code, getting it right, making something popular and then hoping it'll be downloaded lots is a long and bumpy road to travel.

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Gummicube Launches Datacube


Venturebeat interviews Dave Bell, discussing the launch of Gummicubes Datacube Platform for app store intelligence.

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Data to Get Your Apps Seen


Backed by $830,000 in seed funding from Golden Seeds and F50 Venture Partners, Gummicube is introducing its DATACUBE software, which offers marketers and app developers big data analytics capabilities for the global app stores.

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The App Guy Podcast


Dave Bell chats with The App Guy about his background, ASO and the future of democratising the App Stores for app discovery.

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Why Google Play is Banning App Testimonials


Google's decision to ban user testimonials from app descriptions in the Google Play store could make certain aspects of app discovery more difficult.

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Silicon Valley's Counterparts from Optical Valley


Dave Bell addresses investors and attendees in Optical Valley about his mission which began in 1999.

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Pitchforce Winners


The EXCITED faces of last night's 1st-3rd place victors!

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SVN Private Pitch & Demo Meeting


Information on SVN Private Pitch & Demo Meeting, along with instructions on how to get an invitation to attend.

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Gummicube Wins Startup of the Month


Gummicube wins Startup of the Month for the month of January at the monthly Pitch and Demo day event hosted by SVEntrepreneurs.

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