Reputation Management

Increase Conversion with Repuation Management Services

App Ratings and Review Management involves analyzing and responding to your user reviews in the App Store and Google Play to create happier users and boost conversion.

Increase Your Conversion

Review management creates a more trusted relationship between users and your brand. Developers who respond to app reviews statistically have higher conversion rates and tend to generate higher store ratings. This reduces the cost of user acquisition and can even boost rankings in the App Store and Google Play.

Gummicube Can Help

Allow our app ratings and review management team to create a response plan that will boost your ratings and reviews.
Gummicube's app ratings and review management team will proactively analyze user reviews and feedback on a daily basis, flag positive and negative sentiment and execute a response plan. In many cases, we can even help to flip negative reviews to positive ones after proactively addressing user complaints.

Improve Ratings with Reputation Management

Ratings contribute to your overall search rankings as part of the App Store and Google Play algorithms. Flipping even a small percentage of negative reviews positive can make the difference in ranking up.

A Complete Reputation Management Program

Gummicube will analyze your new user reviews on a daily basis, providing your team with reporting and insights on user sentiment in the App Store and Google Play. We will help your team instantly identify areas of concern or opportunities for improvement based on user feedback.

Our team will create an app ratings and review management playbook for your app. We do this by aggregating common questions or concerns and creating personalized response strategies. We will also reply to end-users and follow-up if their issues are addressed at a later date.

When users browse the App Store or Google Play and see your store listing, the first ratings and reviews that appear are more likely to include positive sentiment or demonstrate that your organization is responsive to concerns.

Beyond Reputaton Management

There are many activities associated with ASO beyond just keywords and metadata. Gummicube addresses all of these aspects to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients, including:
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