App Store Spotlight: Chicken Police Mobile Game

July 18th, 2022

App Store Spotlight: Chicken Police Mobile Game
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

You’ve heard of cream of chicken, chicken soup, and fried chicken – but have you heard of Chicken Police?

In a fresh take on LA noir-style mystery and allure comes a mobile game that’s quite different from the rest. Featured on today’s App Store Spotlight is the tale of love, death and chickens in the Chicken Police - Paint it Red! Mobile game.

This highly publicized and largely popular poultry-themed mobile game has made a splash both inside and outside of the app stores. It combines just the right amount of detective steam and excitement for a true, one-of-a-kind mobile gaming experience, but how can it improve its App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy?

App Store Optimization Best Practices – App Metadata

App Name and Title

Don’t play chicken when it comes to your app metadata. Mobile app promotion, whether in or out of the app stores, relies on a synergistic combination of optimized screenshots and keyword phrases. Chicken Police currently has a branded title for its app name, meaning that this field is entirely reserved for its brand.

While this is a great practice for an app with high recognition, it does little to improve visibility to unfamiliar users. Using phrases that incorporate game genre is a great way to increase organic discoverability on the app stores.

App Subtitle and Short Description

The iOS App subtitles, app titles and keyword banks are all fields where iOS keywords get indexed. Chicken Police’s current subtitle is:

"Paint it RED!"

While this a great way to continue with branding from the app name, subtitles are often forgotten places to increase visibility on the app store. Additionally, unfamiliar users may need a quick and easy-to-read rundown of what the game is. Truthfully, users rarely read the description of the app, so informing them in shorter ways is essential to support conversion.

The Google Play short description reads as follows:

“A narrative-driven adventure with a mystery-solving detective gameplay.”

The way Google Play indexation takes place is with “as-is” written keywords. So the keywords in this short description may not grant them adequate visibility. Even adding “detective game” or “adventure game” may make a significant difference in discoverability.

But keyword relevance is built up over time, so these high-volume terms may be difficult to penetrate. By using ASO technology, DATACUBE, the developers of Chicken Police can get a clearer picture of what keywords they need to target initially to build up that momentum needed to rank for those keywords.

App Store Optimization Best Practices – App Store Screenshot Design


Screenshots are vital drivers of conversion. Their design, callouts, and acclimations among other elements help the user decide whether or not they want to download your app. With screenshots, it’s vital to illustrate to the user your unique value proposition that gets them to convert. If the game is interactional the developers have to localize app creatives to appeal to international segments.

For both iOS and Google Play, the captured images take the player through in-app screenshots of gameplay. Although highly immersive, some ASO best practices may call for more overt design elements like visual copy to further explain what’s going on in the game. Chicken Police does extremely well in illustrating its unique game genre and feel in its screenshots. To elevate their set, including design elements that capture their full screenshots with visual copy according to app store screenshot guidelines is essential.


Allure, mystery and chickens. We get the best of all the world with Chicken Police. The off-beat, niche genre lends itself to a unique value proposition for new and loyal users. Everybody loves a story, and the developers of Chicken Police surely deliver. With the help of an ASO company with over 12 years of experience, Chicken Police can reach more valuable users with their unique take on a mystery adventure mobile game.

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