App Store Spotlight: We'll always have Paris

July 11th, 2022

App Store Spotlight: We'll always have Paris
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

Dynamic exposition always makes for a good story – and game. It’s not often we see an app on the app store that has both. Featured in this week’s App Store Spotlight is the adventure and puzzle mobile game, “We’ll always have Paris”. In this game, the user follows the story of a couple, aiding them in making decisions and solving mini-puzzles in an immersive yet candid storyline.

In a refreshing take on mobile games, We’ll always have Paris gives users a relaxing yet gripping mobile experience. One that surpasses the traditional “go-to’s” on the app stores. But how can it reach more users on the app stores through App Store Optimization (ASO)?

We’ll always have Paris Mobile Game – Metadata & ASO Keywords

Independent genre mobile games can be a bit tough to pinpoint when it comes to metadata optimization. Narrowing down the categorical descriptives of the game requires the help of ASO technology to be done correctly.

Being able to distinguish a keyword strategy for both the iOS and Google Play Store is critically important. Both app stores function differently in how they funnel users in their respective app store user experiences and how metadata gets indexed.

Currently, We’ll always have Paris has no subtitle on its app store listing on the App Store. The subtitle, app title and keyword bank are all elements of your app listing that get incorporated in the indexation process. Missing out on any opportunities to gain additional visibility by omitting any of these fields may result in a decrease in organic visibility.

Improving keyword visibility starts with a metadata strategy that encapsulates relevant descriptors of the app so users can find your app in the search bar. As a new app, We’ll always have Paris has lots of room for improvement.

Users looking for adventure or puzzle genre games will be using relevant terms to find an app they're looking for. Incorporating phrases that the user searches for is crucial from an organic discoverability standpoint. On Google Play, for example, the app short description reads:

“A short narrative experience about loving someone with dementia.”

While great for exposition and conversion, the short description carries little weight in terms of information and possibly higher rankings. Google Play indexes keyword phrases as they’re written, so fragmented phrases will be indexed as-is.

For both platforms, genre-specific phrases would help We’ll always have Paris gain additional visibility on the app store without compromising the branded look and feel of the app.

We’ll always have Paris Mobile Game – Suggested App Store Screenshots Best Practices

App store screenshots are conversion drivers. They can tell a story, highlight accolades, or unique value propositions. Depending on the app category, there are certain best practices that better convey the core message of an app. In the case of mobile games, storylines are a great way to immerse the user in the game prior to them initiating a download.

The current screenshot across both app stores is the same. This isn’t a bad practice, but there are areas for improvement. Screenshots often perform best when the users are given context. Whether it be in the form of visual copy, accolades or additional visual elements, screenshots all serve to guide the user through the app.

Currently, the app screenshots show a sequential storyline of direct in-app screenshots. While this illustrates specific moments of gameplay, unfamiliar users might be confused as to whether this is a game or an interactive storybook (or both).

Without a subtitle, this confusion is all the more likely. Our ASO company suggests that the developers of this app incorporate either a feature video or clear, direction-driven copy to help clarify game features.


Synergy is everything in App Store Optimization. All of the parts of your app store listing serve a crucial purpose in funneling your users to a download. Without one of these elements, there can be substantial leaks to conversion. As a one of a kind fusion of gaming and storylines, We’ll always have Paris has a unique offering approach to the gaming genre. Highlighting these features while balancing out clarity to users is fundamental to their continued success.

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