Apple Fitness+ Expands, Play Integrity API, Play Store Changelog Update - ASO Weekly

January 9th, 2023

Apple Fitness+ Expands, Play Integrity API, Play Store Changelog Update - ASO Weekly
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

From Apple’s Fitness+ update, Google providing insight into real users versus bots, and Play Store Changelogs potentially being phased out, this ASO Weekly analyzes the different developments you should be aware of as 2023 kicks off.

Apple Fitness+ Unveils New Features & What This Means For Fitness App Optimization

Ever wanted a one-stop shop for fitness and wellness? Apple looks intent on providing users just that through updates to the Fitness+ app. The latest inclusions in Fitness+ include new kickboxing workouts, a meditation theme, celebrity workout songs, and personal trainers.

Providing users a platform for all of their exercise needs means users can seamlessly sync their fitness and health information across other Apple devices and native apps, potentially without the need for third-party services.

If similar updates continue with an emphasis on creating an all-encompassing fitness experience, where does this leave fitness app developers?

How Fitness Apps Can Prepare

With Apple actively trying to push its own fitness platform toward users, developers now have to grapple for App Store territory against not only existing competition but Apple itself. So how can a third-party service stand out as the preferred option over the native platform and top competitors? Differentiation.

Differentiation is always a priority when creating a competing product. Studying apps in the market will help you identify those distinguishing features worth implementing. By carefully studying what Fitness+ is missing from its offering, you can capitalize on what users may be looking for from a fitness or wellness app.

Highlighting these features will be your next priority, as new and existing users should be aware of what makes your platform unique. As part of your App Store Optimization plan, you should aim to highlight these features through keyword inclusions in your metadata and optimized screenshots as part of your creatives.

Taking full advantage of the App Store resources at your disposal to create a standout app store listing will help you outperform your competition. In-App Events, App Previews, and Product Page Optimization tests, are additional tools you can leverage to continuously improve your ASO strategy in the face of heightened competition.

Google Play Integrity API Benefits

You've spent countless hours creating and refining your app and want to ensure that it's being enjoyed by as many users as possible. One way to ensure the success of your app is to make sure that it's being used fairly and in compliance with Google Play’s guidelines. That's where Google's Play Integrity API comes in.

The Play Integrity API is a tool that helps developers ensure that their apps are being used in line with Google's policies while also helping pinpoint potential fraudulent activity. It does this by providing developers with data and insights about app usage, as well as tools to identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

One of the key benefits of the Play Integrity API is that it helps developers detect and prevent abuse within their apps. This is especially important for apps that rely on in-app purchases or other forms of monetization, as fraud can significantly impact a developer's revenue. The API provides developers with data on suspicious activity, such as repeated purchases from the same device or location, allowing them to take action to prevent further abuse.

Most recently, it was revealed that Google may soon classify user traffic into six categories as found by Mishaal Rahman from Esper:

tweet my Mishaal Tahman detailing the new Google Integrity API and how it will classify traffic activity

How the Play Integrity API Affects App Store Optimization

By being able to identify which users are real and which aren’t, developers can finally compile data that accurately represents how their legitimate audience behaves. Beneficiaries of the new Play Integrity API include apps running sweepstakes, multiplayer games, social media platforms, and others prone to bot activity. Developers can now make their in-app or game experience fairer for the overall user base, giving new and existing customers more reason to continue using the platform.

With data indicative of real user activity developers can also make changes to their app in line with how their actual audience reacts, which in turn affects how they promote their app through their app listing. Many promotions, features, and app changes are predicated on user feedback. These same updates are then promoted through a developer’s metadata and app product page. With quality information thanks to Google’s Play Integrity API, developers can now curate an app experience that is aimed at attracting and retaining higher-quality users.

No More Play Store Changelog?

The Changelog is a list of updates and changes made to an app that is available on the Google Play Store. It allows users to stay informed about new features that have been added or what bugs have been fixed. It can also help developers communicate with their users and let them know about the changes that were made.

However, the Changelog may not always be comprehensive. Some developers may not include all of the changes and updates that have been made to their app in the Changelog. This can be frustrating for users who are looking for specific information about an update. The Changelog may not always be written in a way that is easy for users to understand, either. Some developers may use technical language or jargon that can be confusing to some users.

Does this warrant an overhaul of the Changelog – or its removal completely?

How the Possible Changelog Removal Affects Your ASO

In recent times, the Changelog has been more of a filler field to note bug fixes and minor updates than major app developments. Additionally, the Changelog is often filled with technical jargon not easily understood by the majority of users browsing an app listing.

This may be part of the reason Google is trying to phase it out with Android Police founder Artem Russakowski seeing it removed from the web version of the Play Store.

Google Play Store app listing screenshot without the changelog

A disadvantage of removing the Changelog is the lack of transparency when it comes to informing users of the new features that have been added or what bugs have been fixed when they reach your Play Store listing.

Disclosing this information can help build trust and credibility with new and existing users and can be a useful way for developers to get feedback on their app.

Overall, the Google Play Store Changelog is a useful tool for both developers and users. It helps developers communicate with their users and allows users to stay informed about updates and changes to apps. However, it is important for developers to be thorough and clear in their Changelogs, and for users to keep in mind that the changelog may not always include all of the changes that have been made to an app.

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