Apple Search Ads Expands to Russia

April 30th, 2020

Apple Search Ads Expands to Russia
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

Apple Search Ads helps app developers reach interested users in searches while providing the potential to improve the organic search ranking for their apps. Search Ads are currently available in 59 countries and regions, but Apple announced the expansion of Search Ads to Russia, providing new opportunities for app marketing.

Apple Search Ads Expansion

Apple Search Ads expanded to new territories in 2018, where it added six new storefronts. This included Italy, Germany and Japan. The list of countries with Search Ads grew again in March 2019, with the addition of 46 new countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and India. This new expansion makes Russia the 60th country where Apple Search Ads is available.

What This Means for ASO

Apple Search Ads allows developers to bid for the top spot in search results for specific keywords. Winning bids will place an app ahead of the app ranked #1 for the keyword, which can greatly improve visibility. Search Ads boasts a 50% conversion rate and a cost per acquisition of around $1.50.

One of the major benefits of Search Ads is its impact on organic visibility. When an app receives clicks and conversions from its search ad, that counts towards its performance for the keyword it bid on. This helps improve organic rankings for those keywords. Even if a user clicks on the ad but doesn’t download the app, the improved clickthrough rate will still help the app reach more users organically.

This means that the expansion of Search Ads to Russia provides a great opportunity for app developers trying to reach a Russian audience. Developers can bid on keywords that are popular in Russia and relevant to their app to help expand in that region and establish keyword rankings.

When expanding to a new territory, it’s important to localize the app. Developers should look up what keywords are trending in the region to determine what to use for their keywords and Search Ads targets. Remember that this requires more than simply translating the keywords – the search volume for each term may be significantly different depending on the country.

In order to gain clicks and conversions from the Search Ad, developers should also update their creative sets to localize them for Russia. This includes integrating the new keywords into the callout text, identifying designs and styles that are popular among apps in the region and adjusting the design for local and cultural flavor. Localizing an app will improve its chances of appealing to users in that region.

Developers with apps available in Russia should begin looking into launching a Search Ads campaign. Each new country Search Ads launches in opens up new opportunities for growth and downloads.

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