Apple Custom Product Pages

December 13th, 2021

Apple Custom Product Pages
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

Custom Product Pages

Apple’s native A/B testing tools have arrived on the iOS App Store in App Store Connect. You can now create additional versions of your App Store Product Page to showcase different features for testing. One new way to do this is Product Page Optimization which allows A/B testing to be run on your default Product Page to analyze organic conversion data. Another tool called Custom Product Pages allows you to run user acquisition campaigns on third-party platforms using your App Store Product Page. Creating a Custom Product Page in App Store Connect is easy, and the potential learnings will provide invaluable data that has historically been hard to gather.

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Use Custom Product Pages for User Acquisition

Alongside Product Page Optimization, Custom Product Pages were finally made available to developers last week. Custom Product Pages allow you to run user acquisition campaigns across third-party channels using your app’s store listing. This new feature should prove to be a valuable addition to your ASO tool box.

Custom Product Pages will provide exceptional insight into what drives user conversion for specific demographics. This is because you have the option to create 35 unique Custom Product Pages, with each one page testing various features such as screenshots, preview videos, and promotional texts. These Custom Product Pages will have custom URLs that you can place into relevant third-party ads or referrals.

This allows you to align a Custom Product Page with the environment from which a user was directed. This concept is especially helpful if you have an app that offers multiple different features, or appeals to many distinct demographics. For example, if you have a news app that covers different locales and topics, you can advertise Custom Product Pages to align with your targeted demographic in advertisements.

In practice this could look like serving an advertisement on a web page about celebrity gossip that, once clicked, directs the user to a Custom Product Page showcasing the Hollywood news offered on your app. A different Custom Product Page could highlight sports news, and this advertisement could be shared to a Facebook page dedicated to sports. The applications for this new feature are extensive, and with the right strategy you can grow your top of the funnel to attract users from untapped demographics.

iOS App Store Product Page

Apple Custom Product Page Setup

When creating your Custom Product Pages you can build off of your current product page and tweak the elements that you would like to test. You also have the option to start a brand new page from scratch if you're thinking of testing more drastic changes. For each product Custom Product Page you can create variants for your screenshots, promotional text, and preview videos, and these can be applied to any of your page’s localizations.

Once your Custom Product Pages are set up and ready to go, you can then use the unique URL associated with your page to advertise it through different marketing platforms. This will allow you to target specific demographics based on where they see your ad. Users must follow this unique link to access the associated page, thus they will not see your Custom Product Page in search results on the iOS App Store. Apple’s organic A/B testing solution, Product Page Optimization, will be your go to tool for this application.

Custom Product Page performance in App Analytics

Custom Product Pages & Actionable Data

Custom Product Pages will have associated metrics reported on in App Analytics in your App Store Connect dashboard. After navigating to the acquisition tab, you can view metrics such as impressions, downloads and re-downloads, and conversion rate to determine which elements are driving user conversion. Additionally, you can view financial information like retention and average proceeds per paying user. Performance is displayed compared to baseline, which is your default Product Page.

Apply Custom Product Pages to Your ASO Strategy

After a long wait following Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2021, Apple finally released their new A/B testing tools to App Store Connect. Product Page Optimization and Custom Product Pages will allow you to test your app in new ways, and gain actionable insights that historically were not available.

Custom Product Pages allows you to strategize a marketing campaign where you can create different views for specific types of users. When these users click on these advertisements they will be directed to a Product Page that matches the environment from which they came. This will likely have an immense impact on understanding what drives users to convert from specific demographics, as well as opening up opportunities to attract new users that weren't previously targeted by your default Product Page.

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