The Top WWDC22 Announcements Recap

June 8th, 2022

The Top WWDC22 Announcements Recap
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

We’re halfway through WWDC 2022. And in this week’s ASO Academy, we want to go over some of the highlights from the past few days. How may they affect your App Store Optimization strategy?

While the WWDC this year focused on user-focused features, developers can also find new things to look forward to.

Here are the biggest announcements from WWDC22:

1. iOS 16 – Wallpapers, Widgets, and Wiping iMessages

Lock Screen & Wallpaper

With the upcoming release of iOS 16, many users are excited about the added personalization features with wallpaper customization. Users will now scroll through their notifications from the bottom as opposed to the top, and users will be able to customize their digital clock font, colors, and set custom wallpapers in tandem with their focus mode.

Wallpaper Widgets

A stray from Apple’s standard lock screen interface brings users and developers the ability to interact on a whole new level. With widgets, third-party app developers will now be able widgetize their app for a user’s ease of access.

Unsend Messages

Arguably one of the most hyped features of iOS 16 was the announcement of editable messages. Users will now be able to make direct in-text edits after they’ve already sent a message. Additionally, users will be able to unsend and unread messages 15 minutes after sending.


Apple is looking into the future with its CarPlay integrations. While this new feature capitalizes on newer models, users with compatible cars will be able to seamlessly integrate a new and immersive CarPlay experience and interface. From everything to maps, speedometers, and multi-feature app compatibility,

2. New Apple Hardware & Software – Macbook Air, iPadOS & macOS Ventura

Macbook Air

In addition to changes in the iOS 16 software, Apple introduced Macbook Air. The new Mackbook air will be geared with Apple’s new M2 Chip, which significantly improves processing speed compared to its M1 chip – paired with MagSafe charging, new colors, and support for up to 24GB of memory.

IPadOS 16

iPadOS is also getting a revamp. Apple announced that iPadOS 16 will feature a new lock screen, better multitasking features with dual processing, and finally, the long-awaited weather app. However, lock screen customization for the iPhone is not coming iPadOS 16 – limiting the ability for third-party app developers to widgetize their apps.

macOS Ventura

Exciting additions and upgrades to the Macbook Air are coming, and Macbook Pros aren’t missing out on all of the action. macOS Ventura will be available to most newer models of both the Macbook Air and Pro.

Users will be able to use the new Handoff feature, which allows them to seamlessly switch their FaceTime calls from their iPhone to Mac and vice-versa. Users can similarly unsend and edit messages from their Mac, and take advantage of a better Shared Photo Library, and better security with “Passkeys”.

WWDC22 – What It Spells for Developers, Mobile Marketers and ASO.

As for now, the massive updates we’ve seen with the previous iOS 15 update seem to be holding down the fort in the App Store. Our ASO Company is watching these new developments closely as more information released in WWDC22 rolls out.

However, It’s clear that Apple is heading towards a front of a more personalized and immersive future. What this could spell for mobile marketers and developers are new ways to interact with their core audience and user base.

While the releases have been predominantly geared towards UI/UX improvement, these factors contribute to the marketing funnel and how users interact with your application. The introduction of wallpaper screen widgets may urge some developers to add this to their app offering to keep users active. Nonetheless, there’s still more to be explored at WWDC unravels the rest of the week.

Tim Cook announced that “Tech Talks”, “Developer Academies” and “Entrepreneur Camps” will be further expanded in the coming months and years. This shows that Apple is taking a more involved approach to supporting Apple Developers across the world. In a previous blog, Apple stated that the App Store has helped the US and global economy in unprecedented ways since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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