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Optimizing Action with In-App A/B Testing

September 7th, 2022

Optimizing Action with In-App A/B Testing

What if there was a way to optimize your app performance beyond the store listing? Organic search has already proven to be one of the most effective drivers of quality users – Ones who are more likely to stick around after they download. But what if there was a way you could maximize their value from store listing, download and activation?

The side of App Store Optimization (ASO) that no one talks about is the optimization beyond the app store listing. While the name itself may make it seem antithetical, ASO works on the foundations of relevancy for worthwhile conversions, and this can only be proved and enhanced once the user actually downloads.

Optimizing Action in App Store Optimization

You may have already heard that ASO marketing helps increase installs and visibility, but have you heard about optimizing action? Say if a user finally finds your app, and converts through creative optimization – then what?

Is there any way developers can optimize the user to be more valuable once they open the app? The user onboarding experience could make or break the transition from just an average user to a monetizable or recurring user right from the start.

This is the part of ASO that not very many people talk about, but it’s one of the most integral parts of what App Store Optimization is at its core. It’s an opportunity to optimize truly, through inception to drop off.

Let’s put it this way: through relevant keyword optimization, users are able to find you. Through engaging creatives, users can be influenced by you. And finally, through an improved onboarding process and activation, users will want to stay with you.

Using ASO to Drive In App Action

Regardless of what stage in the app lifecycle your app might be in, optimizing action is no easy feat. First, a developer would have to take a conscious look at what their current onboarding flow looks like. Asking questions like, what is the end goal? Could it be improved? Where is my biggest gap in potential?

In-app A/B testing, or split testing, with ASO tools and technology can give developers valuable insights as to what better helps monetize, retain, and even engage users. It allows developers to test variations of onboarding flows.

For example, have you ever wondered if a shortened onboarding flow would help increase subscription rates at sign-up? How about tailored app opens based on usage? Or, price testing? With in-app A/B testing, all of these are possible without any major coding changes on the marketer's end.

How In App A/B Testing Can Help

Depending on your goal from inception to the in-app drop-off, In-app A/B testing could help do a multitude of things to increase the value of the user. Reversely, an improved onboarding experience will also bring your user more value right from the start. Here are just some of the possible ways In-app A/B testing can help flows:

Improve App Onboarding Completion

Optimize user onboarding and registration to reduce friction and increase active users.

Increase App Revenue

Optimize your subscription flows and monetization and other flows to reduce your Cost Per Action (CPA) and increase the value of every install

Enhance App Feature Adoption

Test the placements and inclusion of new features and how they’re picked up by new users over time over specific pages of your app or across user segments.

Increase App User Satisfaction

Customize user experiences based on user profiles, behavior or source

Control App Feature Rollouts

Control feature rollouts with smaller user subsets to limit exposure, test retention and how the new feature impacts overall app usage.

Start Your In App A/B Testing

Our ASO Company has technology that would you achieve all of these tests in a controlled environment. Are you curious about what In-app A/B testing could do for you? Contact one of our experts for more information, and kickstart action starting today!

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