Google Ad Inventory for iOS App Campaigns Increases

June 28th, 2019

Google Ad Inventory for iOS App Campaigns Increases
David Bell

by David Bell

CEO at Gummicube, Inc.

Google is set to roll out new updates for Google Ads that will impact how apps are discovered in web searches. What makes this interesting is that it’s designed for iOS apps, rather than Google Play apps. The company will be able to access Google Search inventory on the Safari browser for iOS, a move intended to improve traffic and impressions from searches on iOS devices. This could change how iOS developers implement their paid campaign strategies.

What’s Changing?

Previously, Google Ads could reach mobile devices through searches made on the Google Search and Chrome apps for iOS. There are multiple web browser apps, though, so Google Search alone could not reach the majority of users. With the new update, Google Ads can access Google Search inventory on the Safari browser app, which currently claims 58% of the mobile browser market share.

Until this change kicks in, marketers using Google Ads can access 30% or less of the inventory in searches on Apple devices. This results in significantly lower impressions on iOS devices than on Android devices for any marketing campaigns run across both platforms. Following the change, the inventory may increase significantly, as ads will be able to reach users outside of Android devices.

In short, this will help deliver Google Ads for iOS apps to more web searches on iOS devices.

Consequently, marketers are likely to see an increase in impressions - and possibly conversions if users like the app - for iOS ad campaigns as the app reaches more users. In Google’s email to marketers, the company recommended monitoring conversions and adjusting bids to prepare for changes in acquisition volume.

Google Ads & App Store Optimization

Google Ads is a valuable channel for Google Play apps, as it helps reach users across all of Google’s channels. With this change, we’ll be able to see how Google Ads can impact iOS users.

As part of research from Chacka Marketing, the firm ran an identical campaign on iOS and Android using Google Ads. The Android version outperformed the iOS campaign with four times the impressions, due in large part to how the ads had more opportunities for delivery on Android devices. While it is not guaranteed that the iOS campaigns will quickly match their Android counterparts, this will likely improve visibility enough to increase the iOS numbers.

Part of a mobile marketing strategy includes healthy paid channels, alongside organic optimization. While 70% of app downloads come from search, the remaining 30% should not be overlooked, and paid marketing can help reach and convert users. Having more ad volume will impact ad placement, which can in turn improve impressions, clicks and conversions. This can have a positive effect on organic indexation.

While app developers should maintain their iOS ad campaigns like Search Ads, they may want to examine their Google Ads campaigns and how their marketing budgets are allotted. Once this change rolls out in July, they may be seeing more impressions from their Google Ads on iOS devices.

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