Google Play Store Tests Gameplay Videos for Mobile Games

May 28th, 2020

Google Play Store Tests Gameplay Videos for Mobile Games
Anh Nguyen

by Anh Nguyen

COO & Co-Founder at Gummicube, Inc

Can mobile games benefit from user-made videos? The Google Play Store is testing a new feature that may help you find out.

A new report from Android Police shows the early testing of a new feature on the Play Store. This integrates YouTube with mobile game Play Store listings to show user-made videos. As the test continues to roll out, it could have an impact on user conversions and App Store Optimization.

Watch Others Play

The new feature has started to appear for select users on the Google Play Store. When they click on a mobile game’s page, there’s a new section called “Watch Others Play” underneath the “About this game” section.

The “Watch Others Play” section appears as a carousel of YouTube videos. Users can tap on a video to watch and see the game in action directly from YouTube.

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These videos are from streamers, reviewers and other content creators on YouTube. They feature in-game footage and can include records, speed-runs, playthroughs and more to give viewers an idea of what the game is like.

Different from Promo Videos

While Google Play apps can include Promo Videos, these “Watch Others Play” videos are significantly different.

Promo Videos are designed by the app developer, following the Play Store guidelines and made to advertise the app. “Watch Others Play” videos are taken from YouTube to provide a precise gameplay experience.

These videos may include commentary or other critiques the player may have. The app developer does not have control over what the YouTube videos include, whereas they design the Promo Videos.

In short, while Promo Videos are designed to advertise the app, “Watch Others Play” videos show the gameplay in action.

Impact on ASO

The biggest impact these videos will have is on conversion. Gameplay videos can provide users with a thorough look at how the mobile game looks and plays, complete with commentary from real users.

Gameplay videos are extremely popular on YouTube and other streaming platforms, indicating that users enjoy and trust content that they see from fellow players.

These videos can serve as both a review and an advertisement video for the game, which can impact the chances of a user converting. Think of it as similar to influencer marketing, except instead of directing users to the product, it’s available when they find the app.

Still a Test

The “Watch Others Play” videos are not widely available yet, with only a few users reporting seeing them. The full impact will not be known until the testing completes and the feature becomes widely available.

It is unknown if developers will have any control over what videos are displayed, if they’re handpicked by Google or if they’re chosen by an algorithm. More information will be made available as testing continues.


These videos can present exciting opportunities for mobile game developers. Including YouTube videos in the app listing can provide a combination of Promo Videos, influencer marketing and the advertising benefits of game streaming.

This feature is still in its early testing stages, but its impact on conversions will be worth analyzing and testing as it continues to reach users.

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