Marketing Your App for the Holidays with ASO

November 29, 2017

Marketing Your App for the Holidays with ASO

As the holidays approach, many developers are launching updates to take advantage of the shift in seasonal search trends. Properly researching, preparing and launching updates tied to these trends can help apps stay competitive with what’s trending, while maintaining the app’s core rankings. End-of-the-year holidays provide a unique opportunity for apps across a wide range of categories. It’s always important to analyze how an app is performing and adjust accordingly. With the holiday season, however, comes specific opportunities for apps like shopping apps, games and even local restaurant discovery guides. These types of apps can benefit from eager users searching the app stores during the holidays, but can only successfully convert these users by incorporating ASO.

Keywords – Be Relevant for the Holidays

Apple and Google’s algorithm won’t simply index apps for search terms specific to the holidays on their own. Developers need to target the appropriate keywords, and longer-tail relevant keywords like “holiday shopping,” “holiday games,” “holiday recipes” and more. Shopping apps in particular target keywords specific to Cyber Monday, and even deals extended into December to catch shoppers throughout the month. Roughly 60 percent of shoppers use their mobile device at some point of their shopping experience. Since so many users are checking their devices, it means that mobile app sale figures from companies have increased in recent years. Huge companies like Target, Walmart and eBay have consistently reported increases during this time of year, and are only anticipated to continue rising as the holidays inch closer and closer. Apps need to use App Store Intelligence Software like DATACUBE to help them understand which relevant search terms have enough volume to be advantageous for the app. These keywords will then need to be integrated within their app’s metadata.

Engaging Creatives – Get in the Holiday Spirit

Simply targeting keywords specific to the holidays won’t be enough to help developers convert users. They will also need to take into consideration what is visually appealing to users and display engaging creatives that catch their eye. Take for example the on-page creatives of Shutterfly, Ebates and Food Network Magazine. These apps have seasonal creatives which illustrate to potential users how they are relevant for the holidays and even Cyber Monday/Week. A user searching for “holiday,” “foods,” or “Cyber Monday deals” can instantly understand how these apps are relevant for their search term, leading to a higher potential for conversion on these trending terms. Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 3.21.45 PM Apps like Food Street and Farmville 2 take advantage of the winter holidays by updating their app icons accordingly as well. They make sure to incorporate specific holiday elements such as Santa Hats or decorative foods that are well-known and recognizable to users. Adding these elements can help with not only conversion on targeted seasonal keywords, but being placed in featured seasonal categories by Apple and Google, increasing their visibility even further. Picture1 Key Takeaways There are always seasonal opportunities for keywords and creatives. That being said, the end-of-the-year US holiday season provides a unique and more widely spanning opportunity for developers of all genres to target trending seasonal terms. Developers need to monitor how users are searching along with any specific seasonal trends that can be targeted in their keyword bank. On top of targeting high-volume keywords tied to the holidays, developers should also launch creatives that match the terms they are targeting. Keep in mind that incorporating keywords and creatives tied to the holidays means there is the potential to be featured in curated content sections on the App Store and Google Play Store for further visibility. If developers start now, they are taking advantage of the season and are one step ahead of their competition.