Mobile App Development & App Store Optimization: What is App Success in 2015?

September 10, 2015

Mobile App Development & App Store Optimization: What is App Success in 2015?

The world of apps has boomed since it began to form in 2008. App stores like Google Play or Apple’s own App Store have become saturated with apps, making competition fierce and standing out an even harder task. As a company, we get asked questions ranging from the beginning of the app development cycle, all the way through an app’s marketing life. With all the right tools, you can get your app from concept to download.

On Thursday, September 17 at 9AM PST/12PM EST,

Gummicube and Innoppl’s Los Angeles app developers will be hosting a webinar titled, “Mobile App Development & App Store Optimization: What App Success Is in 2015.” We’re bringing together experts in app development and app store optimization, giving you all the answers you need to get your app idea off the ground and on its way to becoming a success in 2015.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why should you develop an app - A realistic look, keeping metrics and customer insights in mind
  • The perfect pre-development process on how to integrate the app with your business goals
  • Detailed analysis on app development and testing phase
  • Getting the right data and information to market your app
  • Understanding your audience and designing the right marketing strategy
  • How to optimize your app for the Apple App Store and Google Play store

Who Should Attend This Webinar: If you’re interested in developing an app to help improve your mobile presence and help your company connect with its target audience and users, this webinar will teach you what you need to get started. Get ready for the webinar today with a free checklist with basic app development and app store optimization facts. [DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE CHECKLIST HERE]