Pre-Order Apps and ASO

February 6th, 2020

Pre-Order Apps and ASO
David Quinn

by David Quinn

VP of Strategy & Partnerships at Gummicube, Inc.

Pre-order apps help create early buzz for an app or mobile game and build downloads for its launch. When preparing an app for pre-order, developers should be sure to consider App Store Optimization best practices and use the pre-launch period as time to fully optimize their app for when it goes live.

Pre-Order Apps

Pre-order apps are apps placed for sale on the App Store before the app goes live. These can be set up between 2 and 90 days in advance of the app’s launch, and users who pre-order the app can automatically download it once it goes live.

The App Store page will appear on the store and marked as available for pre-order. When users tap “GET,” they will receive a confirmation that they’ve pre-ordered the app. When it goes live, they receive another notification to let them know it’s being downloaded.

In-app purchases are not made available until the app officially launches. If the app is a paid app, users will be charged once the app goes live. Should the app’s price change between the time they order it and the launch date, the user will be charged the lower price.

Developers can make their apps available for pre-order by going to App Store Connect and clicking on their app under “My Apps.” The Pricing and Availability section has an option for “Make available for pre-order,” which developers can use to submit the app for review. Upon approval, they can return to the page, confirm the release date and select “Release as Pre-Order” to put the app on the App Store.

Developers can also track the performance of their pre-orders in App Store Connect under Sales and Trends. This shows the number of ordered apps, canceled pre-orders and net pre-orders.

Making an app available for pre-order can provide several benefits. For developers, it helps them generate buzz while testing the app and its marketing. Pre-orders can help accumulate downloads for launch day so an app will start strong.

App Store Optimization and Pre-Orders

Placing an app for pre-order can be helpful for App Store Optimization in a few ways.

Pre-order apps can begin indexing for keywords in the lead up to its launch. When the app goes live, it can index for the targeted terms faster.

Additionally, the App Store includes pre-order apps in its Today/Games/Apps tab. Being included in these can help drive visibility and interest even before the app launches.

Things to Remember

When preparing an app for pre-order, developers should still prepare their App Store Optimization as they would any other app. Researching keywords, developing strong creative sets and writing clear descriptions will help drive pre-orders as much as they would drive downloads for a live app.

Making an app available for pre-order can help developers build their ASO and keyword indexation before the app goes live, giving them a strong start on launch day. While a strong start is great, consistent analyses and new iterations are essential for App Store Optimization.

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