Screenshot App Marketing Tool Roundup

January 7, 2016

Screenshot App Marketing Tool Roundup

With so much effort invested in increasing the visibility of an app in app store search, attention to converting app store views to installs and users can take a back seat. Just a reminder - this is how search results look when searching Apple’s App Store: screenshot-app-marketing-tool-example Notice the 1st two screenshots make up the majority of the app listing in search results? Screenshots have a huge impact on converting app store viewers into installs and users. We've covered best practices for creating screenshots, and screenshot tips for Google Play and Apple specifically. Here we introduce tools for building app screenshots - without a designer.

App Screenshots for the App Store

Screenshots tell a story like words just can’t. Take a look at the screenshots Clash of Clans uses for the Apple App Store: clash-of-clans-screenshots Screenshots like this require a designer, and have likely been tested on focus groups, A/B tested and optimized by geography. But take a look at the 13th ranked, free app in the US app store - Spotify: spotify-screenshots Much more simple - various screenshots from the app displayed on a modern device with a clean background and text describing features/benefits and calls to action. The tools below can help you create app screenshots similar to those used by Spotify and many other popular apps. Even if your team has designers dedicated to your company’s mobile projects, it can be helpful to have a few do-it-yourself options for creating app screenshots. All of these app screenshot tools are super easy to use, produce professional screenshots and are free or close to it.


The team over at PlaceIt have continued to invest and improve their offering over the last few years. This tool allows npn-designers to take screenshots from their app and add them to a wide range of devices and scenarios. placeit-screenshots Create screenshots for multiple devices, and output your new designs in every format your app supports. As an example - you can create 5 screenshots using an iPhone 6s as the device in the image, then output the 5 screenshots in the right dimensions for app listing viewed from an iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus and iPad. Seb Hareng over at App Marketing Lab recorded a demo of PlaceIt and another screenshot app marketing tool that is worth watching.

LaunchKit Screenshot Builder

If you are looking for a super simple tool for adding your app’s screenshots to a device and adding text - the Screenshot Builder from LaunchKit is free and produces great results. launchkit-screenshot-builder-tool Drag and drop your app screenshots into the builder, add text, change background colors and export in every dimension you need. I made these screenshots in 5 minutes: screenshots-launchkit This is a good tool for creating and testing multiple calls to action, without involving designers.

Davinci Apps

All of these tools make it easy to grab screenshots from your app and add them to almost any device you like, and the app screenshot tool from Davinci is no different. daVinci-screenshot-creator Choose from multiple devices, backgrounds and text styles or start with one of several templates. Export your new designs in all the dimensions you need with a single click. All of these screenshot tools export to the latest dimensions and format for Google Play and the Apple App Store, but to be sure you can check the latest Apple app listing requirements, and Google Play requirements (must be logged into your developer account).